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Global Defence Logistics for Land, Sea and Air

Methuen Park,
SN14 0WT Wiltshire,
United Kingdom

Methuen Park,
SN14 0WT Wiltshire,
United Kingdom

Wincanton, based in Wiltshire, UK, designs, implements and manages secure, robust and value-adding supply chains for many of the world’s leading defence manufacturers and integrators.

We enable them to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and safely in a highly competitive and compliance-driven sector.

Defence logistics solutions

Our expert services cover the whole global supply chain end-to-end. We work closely with our customers delivering innovative solutions that continue to redefine defence logistics. This is enabled by an intrinsic understanding of the industry and the challenges faced by our customers.

With a focus on industry best practice, we design and implement tailored solutions that add value throughout the supply chain:

  • Rotary aircraft
  • Fixed wing aircraft
  • Surface ships
  • Submarines
  • Vehicles
  • Communications
  • Weapons
  • Munitions

Our comprehensive range of solutions is aligned to every stage of the defence supply chain. Each service is delivered by a specialist team whose attention to detail delivers best practice results.

Warehousing services

Wincanton provides scalable and flexible storage solutions to respond to exacting and changing programme demands. We have 5,000 networked vehicles providing an integrated transport service from port of origin to customer.

Spares and reverse logistics

Wincanton has a wealth of knowledge covering the collection, storage and distribution of serviceable and unserviceable spares. Integrated services enable full visibility and traceability from point of issue to point of delivery.

Tooling and maintenance parts logistics

The storage, distribution and asset management of tooling, engineering and maintenance spares can be conducted by Wincanton. The company has specialist on or off-site packing and outbound logistics, which are all to trade, military and export standards.

Technical services and information technology for the defence industry

Wincanton has a talented in-house design team that designs, produces and supplies high-performance packaging to customer requirements. We manage our customer records securely and have a secure, on and off-site storage facility for hard copy documents and electronic media.

Technical services and information technology available at Wincanton include engineering inspection, X-ray scanning, IT interfaces and solution modelling. Our global support team provides valuable, innovative, operational excellence and sustainable high-performance across all territories.

Here at Wincanton we are doing what we do best, helping our customers reach their goals easier, faster and more effectively. To find out how the Wincanton defence team can help improve your logistics and supply chain, please contact us using the enquiry form below.

Optimising Defence Supply Chains

Weapon systems capability and availability is crucial to enable the armed forces to deliver their operational mission.


Methuen Park


SN14 0WT


United Kingdom