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Military Vehicles

Special Trucks Division,
Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles,
76742 Woerth,
HPC 185,

Special Trucks Division,
Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles,
76742 Woerth,
HPC 185,

Daimler is the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, and an established supplier of Mercedes-Benz military vehicles to land-defence customers worldwide. With more than 200 standard and custom-built solution models, including vans, extreme off-roaders and heavy-duty trucks, you can rest assured that Mercedes-Benz has the perfect vehicle solution to meet your logistical and tactical requirements.


Mercedes-Benz military vehicles are developed using the most modern resources and comprehensive data derived from extreme global operations. Outstanding features which no other manufacturer offers include:

  • Full-line military vehicle programme (0.5t and 100t military payload) for a broad range of missions
  • All-wheel-drive, differential locks and high-torque engines for extreme conditions and terrains
  • Advanced vehicle technologies (focusing on lifecycle costs)
  • Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
  • Worldwide logistic field service experience
  • Financial services (financing, leasing, fleet management and more)


G-Wagon models offer two wheelbases and payload capacities from 0.7t up to 2t. The power comes from a 2.8L five-cylinder turbocharged intercooled diesel engine producing 130kW (190hp) 370Nm. The off-road capability is supported by an automatic transmission and a two-shaft transfer case plus 100% locking differentials on both axles.


The Vito is available with a payload capacity up to 1.1t and is powered by two engines producing 80kW (109hp) 290Nm and 110kW (150hp) 330Nm.

Sprinter models have a payload capacity from 1t to 2.7t and are powered by three engines producing 80kW (102hp) 109Nm to 135kW (184hp) 400Nm.

The Vario 4×4 boasts a climbing ability of up to 73% and an outstanding payload capacity from 2.5t to 4.2t when considering its GVW of 7.5t. The power comes from three engines producing 95kW (129hp) 520Nm to 130kW (177hp) 675Nm.


Atego, the lightweight, medium-duty truck range, offers a GVW range from 10t to 15t. Power comes from four inline engines producing 130kW (177hp) 675Nm up to 210kW (286 hp) 1,120Nm, which can move 3t to 5t payloads effortlessly.

Axor, the semi-heavy-duty truck range, offers a GVW of 18t. Power comes from four inline engines producing 175kW (238 hp) 850Nm up to 240kW (326hp) 1,300Nm which transport 5t to 7t payloads.

Actros, the heavy-duty truck range with a GVW up to 41t, is already well established in the civilian market and offers several axle variations: 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 6×6 truck tractor. Power comes from V6 and V8 engines offering seven different output versions, from engines producing 235kW (320hp) 1,530Nm to high-power 442kW engines (609 hp) producing 2,400Nm.

Zetros, the medium and heavy-duty truck range with a GVW up to 27t, offer two axle variations: 4×4 and 6×6. Its payload capacities range from 4t up to 10t. Power comes from a V6 engine which offers an output of 240kW (326hp) producing 1,300Nm.


The Unimog, with its unsurpassed off-road capability, offers three 4×4 model variations with payloads from 1.5t to 7t. Portal axles and 100% differential locks give the Unimog its outstanding off-roadability. The Unimog U3000 to U5000 model range offers three engine output ratings, from engines producing 115kW (156hp) 610Nm to 160kW (218hp) 810Nm.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles prove their economic efficiency thanks to their reliability during on and off-road missions, and in everyday practical operations throughout the world.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4000 All Terrain Truck

Unimog U 4000 is a 4×4 all-terrain multi-utility truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz for military as well as industrial applications. It is in service with several nations across the world.

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Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles

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