The Unimog U 4000 is a 4×4 all-terrain, all-wheel drive, multi-utility truck.
The Unimog U 4000 features an all-steel semi-forward cab that offers increased safety to the crew.
The rear additional crew cab can accommodate up to seven persons.

Unimog U 4000 is a 4×4 all-terrain multi-utility truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz for military as well as industrial applications. It is in service with several nations across the world. The military truck is commonly used as a transportation vehicle for carrying personnel and cargo. It is also used as a towing vehicle for trailers, artillery and aircraft. It can be modified as a military engineering tractor by attaching special equipment, such as a hydraulic winch, snow plough, dozer blade or crane.

The Chilean Army received 138 units of Unimog U 4000s in March 2017 as part of an effort to increase its transport capacities. The new Unimog U4000 trucks along with old Unimog U1300L 435 trucks will replace Chile’s fleet of Mercedes Benz Unimog 416 2.5t trucks.

Compatibility features of Mercedes’ 4×4 all-terrain military truck

Unimog U 4000 has a length of 6.01m, width of 2.3m and a height of 2.6m. The vehicle can carry a maximum payload of three tons. The vehicle has a conventional layout with engine and cab at the front and the standard troop compartment or cargo body at the rear.

The crew cab can be extended to accommodate up to seven personnel. It is also optionally provided with a double, fold-away passenger seat. The dashboard has a large instrument panel consisting of LCD displays and a centre console, with the EPS shifting lever.

The vehicle is offered in short and long wheelbase configurations. The chassis can be attached with platforms, box-type bodies and flats through a torsion-free sub-frame. The sub-frame prevents the transfer of any torsion to the superstructure when travelling over difficult terrains. The rear compartment can be fitted with middle or side seat benches for up to 16 troops. The platform is optionally provided with container twist locks and tie-down points for palletised cargo.

High protection levels and survivability of the Unimog U 4000 vehicle

The all-steel semi-forward cab offers a high degree of safety to the crew. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with various armoured solutions according to the customer requirements. The welded cab structure is provided with under-body mine blast protection. Enhanced ballistic protection is provided by composite panels and spall liner. The optional protection levels offered are ballistic level four, mine level 4b, IED (improvised explosive devices) and EFP (explosively forged projectiles).

The electro pneumatic shifting (EPS) system aboard the truck relieves the workload of the driver throughout complex operations. In the event of battlefield damage and the failure of electronics, the driver can use an emergency switch to engage some gears pneumatically to move the vehicle away from the firing line.

Four-cylinder engine and BlueTec exhaust system on the multi-utility truck

Unimog U 4000 is powered by Mercedes-Benz OM 904 LA/OM 924 LA (Euro four) four-cylinder engine, coupled to MB full-synchromesh reversing transmission. It is equipped with a BlueTec diesel exhaust treatment system for reducing NOx emissions and maximising fuel efficiency.

The engine, delivering a maximum power output of 177hp, provides a maximum speed of 85.7km/h.

Cross-country mobility and CTIS on Mercedes-Benz’s Unimog U 4000

Unimog U 4000 demonstrates high cross-country mobility due to its portal axles and all-wheel-drive. The axle tube and differentials located above the wheel centre line provide high ground clearance on the vehicle. The driver can electro-pneumatically apply the differential locks without using the clutch.

The low-pressure tyres and coil-spring suspension with telescopic shock absorbers improve the off-road mobility of the vehicle. The vehicle is provided with dual-circuit braking system for better control on steep terrains.

The vehicle can be fitted with central tire inflation system (CTIS) as an option. The CTIS allows the driver to adjust the tyre pressure from his seat. The system provides the vehicle with better traction on different types of surfaces, especially when carrying vital and heavy loads.

Unimog U 4000 has the slope climbing ability of up to 100% and can safely ford water depths of up to 1.2m. The vehicle is airportable by transport aircraft such as the C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall.