The Jankel light tactical transport vehicle (LTTV) is an armoured version of the Unimog U5000 4x4 tactical truck. Credit: Jankel Armouring.
The Jankel LTTV features removable ballistic protection and reconfigurable mission modules. Credit: Jankel Armouring.
The Jankel LTTV are expected to be delivered to the Belgian Armed Forces by 2022. Credit: Jankel Armouring.

The Jankel light tactical transport vehicle (LTTV) is a multirole, reconfigurable platform designed and developed by Jankel Armouring (Jankel), a specialised armoured vehicles manufacturer based in the UK.

The LTTV features multi-mission modules and provides interoperability with the Jankel FOX rapid response vehicles (RRVs) built for the Belgian Armed Forces. Belgium ordered more than 100 Toyota Hilux-based FOX RRVs from Jankel in January 2016.

The Jankel LTTV, which is intended for use as a tactical support vehicle on the battlefield, was unveiled at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition held in London in September 2019. It was also displayed at the DSEI event in September 2021.

Jankel received a €63.3m ($69.8m) contract to supply 199 LTTVs to the Belgian Ministry of Defence (MoD) in March 2018. The vehicle received the preliminary technical acceptance (PTA) from the MoD in November 2021. The PTA milestone paves the way for the high-volume production of the vehicle. The vehicles are expected to be delivered in different configurations including 167 troop transport/special forces modules, eight ambulance body modules, and 24 logistics modules in 2022.

Jankel was awarded the direct partnership certification by Mercedes-Benz in September 2018. The certification authorises Jankel to market, sell and support modified Mercedes-Benz commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) chassis systems.

The company established a dedicated production facility in Coventry, UK, for the timely delivery of the LTTV programme.

Design and features

The Jankel LTTV is based on the Unimog U5000 4×4 vehicle. It has a length of 6.5m, a width of 2.49m, and an overall height of 3.5m. The gross vehicle weight of the LTTV is 11,990kg while the payload carrying capacity is more than 3,000kg. The Jankel LTTV has a purpose-built open cab based on an armoured tub with armoured doors. The fold-down, split front windscreen is fitted with armoured glass. The armoured tub improves the cab’s weight distribution.

The LTTV is a highly modular and configurable tactical support vehicle. It has unique and reconfigurable mission modules as per the operational requirement. The standard troop carrying/special operations module is equipped with an armoured floor and optional removable side protection kits.

The mission modules are removable for easy configuration of required equipment. The load bed of the vehicle can be reconfigured based on plug and play module integration. The rear bed can accommodate four to six troops with front, rear, and side-facing seating options. The ambulance module is configured for two attendants and two causalities on stretchers. The vehicle also supports the integration of logistics and mortar modules.

Armament and self-protection of Jankel LTTV

The front cab and rear mission module can accommodate 5.56mm and 7.62mm machine guns on the swingarm and soft mounts. The mission module weapon ring on the vehicle is compatible with M2 (7.62mm, 5.56mm) or M3M machine guns (12.7mm). The central ring mount provides 360° coverage. In addition, the special operations module can be fitted with a smoke grenade launcher system for self-protection.

The LTTV is equipped with a removable blast and ballistic protection and roll-over protection system (ROPS) for safe transportation of troops and cargo.

Mission module equipment/payloads on LTTV

The mission module equipment includes a front- or rear-mounted electric recovery winch with a capacity of 80kN. An electric loading winch is also fitted in the mission module. The blackout lights and infrared (IR) lights provide better visibility.

The vehicle can be installed with other mission equipment including a 6kW dual alternator charging system, a cold-weather pack, a user-specific communication fit, a transmission oil cooler for hot weather and a rear towing hitch (class K).

Jankel LTTV’s engine and performance

The Unimog U5000 chassis is equipped with a Euro 3-compliant OM 924 LA 4.8l, four-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine with a rated power output of 163kW (218hp). The engine is coupled to a semi-automatic Mercedes-Benz gearbox with eight forward and six reverse gears and a two-speed transfer case. The integration of the transfer case provides a total of 16 forward and 12 reverse gears. The transfer box and coil-sprung portal axle are equipped with driver-controlled differential locks.

The vehicle has a fuel holding capacity of 180l and an operational range of 850km. It has a departure angle of 49°, an approach angle of 45° and a break-over angle of 35°. The engine is compatible with multiple diesel fuel types including F54 and F63. The vehicle has a ground clearance of 0.476m and can cross-vertical steps of up to 0.3m.

The Jankel LTTV can climb a gradient of about 60% and ford a depth of 0.8m. The tires feature run-flat technology. The vehicle provides an enhanced towing capacity of up to 14t. It can be transported by air using C130 Hercules aircraft and Airbus A400M Atlas transport aircraft. Tie-down systems of NATO standard 4062/3548 can be used for fastening the vehicle during transportation. The vehicle without mission modules can also be transported by CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

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