Icore International offers innovative, high performance solutions for a wide range of electrical and fluid interconnect applications for defence equipment. Our extensive experience in aerospace and military markets means we offer an in depth knowledge of individual shielding requirements, for example for EMC, EMP, RFI, HIRF and lightning strike protection.

Icore’s policy is to work in partnership with its customers and their principal suppliers to design integrated systems that both meet the performance requirements and result in the most cost effective solutions.

Icore’s product range includes:

  • Electrical harness interconnects including electrical conduit systems, electrical connector accessories, and adapters and backshells (metallic and composite materials)
  • Flexible PTFE fluid hoses
  • High current contact band technology and high current power connectors

Icore holds BS EN ISO9001/2000, AS9100, ISO14001 and EASA Part 21 sub-part G approvals, as well as many individual customer approvals.

EMC Screened Wired Harness.
Icore Termilock Backshell Range.
Icore Circular Power Connectors.
Icore PTFE Hose.
Stratoflex hose products.


Icore has over 70 years experience in supplying products to the defence industry, and can offer an in depth knowledge with an understanding of the need for reliability and maintainability and cost effective design.

Typical applications include:

  • Antennae
  • Communications systems
  • Engine control and monitoring systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Radar systems
  • Missile systems
  • Weapons systems


Conduit systems range from high temperature, very lightweight materials such as PTFE and PEEK to rugged neoprene and Limited Fire Hazard Kafon 2000 heavy duty materials. These combined with a wide variety of overbraid and sheath materials offer mechanical and electrical screening protection for wired harnesses in applications ranging from antennae and secure communications systems to ammunition hoists.

Electrical connector accessories, adapters and backshells (in both metallic and composite materials), with different plating options, offer design solutions for terminating open wired, overbraided or shrink sleeve harnesses, including those requiring special cable screen termination devices.


Icore high current connectors are designed using our proven high performance contact band technology, for a current range between 50A and 10,000A – with its associated benefits of low insertion force, low voltage drop and low contact resistance.

This technology can be incorporated into a wide range of power-related applications, from withdrawable racks to busbar connections or battery disconnects.


Icore is unique in its ability to design and manufacture both electrical and fluid interconnect systems for high performance applications.

As both a manufacturer of convoluted PTFE hose, and the UK distributor for Stratoflex, we can supply a wide range of aerospace qualified or general purpose high, medium or low pressure flexible PTFE hoses and quick disconnect couplings for applications ranging from fuel systems to electronics cooling equipment.

We also offer a custom service to optimise design for unique or specific applications.

The long service life of PTFE makes it ideal for use in systems where high reliability is imperative, for example, on missile systems.