B and T Marketing GmbH is an US Military Veteran-owned business established in Bavaria, Germany in 2004. We design and produce equipment in support of the US Military and other government agencies in Europe and worldwide. We specialize in mobile container systems, weapon storage systems and maintenance facility equipment.

Current variations of our mobile container systems include weapon storage, armament repair, tactical battery maintenance, communications repair and vehicle repair. A few of the many options we have available are climate controlled system, intrusion detection system, generator, compressed air system and satellite communications system.

Mobile arms room for military flexibility

Our mobile arms room was designed for today’s more agile and mobile military force.

We can supply a portable armoury / arms room in a 20ft ISO certified security container; deployable by PLS, ship and train. Walls are insulated and panelled with non-flammable material, 220V outlets, overhead lighting, circuit breaker box, outside junction box for external power source, climate control unit (A/C and dehumidifier) and electric heater.

Our mobile container systems include variants such as weapon storage, tactical battery maintenance, and repair to armaments, communications vehicles.
B&T has designed and produced a line of practical and innovative solutions for weapons storage and security, field use and maintenance shops.
We provide weapon storage and security equipment and modular weapon storage systems designed to house every type of small arm.
We can supply field equipment and LBE rack great for TOCs or maintenance areas, folds flat for transport.

Standard cabinet systems include; five M16, M4 and AK47 cabinets), one M2 cabinet, one M9 rack, one M240 rack, and one large storage cabinet for NVGs, cases and scopes.

Our armouries include wireless intrusion detection systems with integrated smoke detectors, and all components come with three year batteries (recommended two year replacement).

The systems include two movement sensors mounted inside, door entry sensors, four digit codes for entry, sirens with strobes mounted outside, and remote sirens and strobes that can be placed up to 250m away from the transmitter.

Weapons storage systems

Our weapon storage systems have a modular design that can be quickly reconfigured to house every type of small arms weapon in a unit’s inventory. Weapons can be stored with sights, lasers and other accessories attached. They meet all the regulations and guidelines as set by the US Military for weapon storage.

Weapons can be stored with sights, lasers and other accessories attached. All parts are laser cut and made of 2mm steel construction.

Tactical battery maintenance systems

Our tactical battery maintenance system economically increases mission capability and operational flexibility of forward deployed forces.

Provides turnkey, deployable / mobile battery storage, maintenance, recharging system and security.

The complete battery maintenance system providing analysis, testing, charging, de-sulfation and maintenance (float / trickle charge) to return and maintain batteries to full-voltage and AMPS. It returns AGM batteries to 1225CCA.

Analysis for 6V-12V batteries provides detailed, printed receipt with battery condition, including state and percentage of charge, date / time of charge. Will read batteries discharged to +/- 1% voltage

It is fully compatible with Absorbed Glass Mat [AGM], 6TL Family and Gel Type batteries.

Simultaneous testing / charging of 16 batteries and can accommodate all three types at once.

Secondary containment and storage for military batteries

Secondary containment and storage is provided for up to 48 batteries with one quarter volume per cell 18,000 BTU ECU, 1225 CFM dual exhaust fans, OSHA PPE Equipped and compliant. Other features include non-slip and corrosive resistant interiorm, in addition to a diesel generator providing autonomous operation.

Our customers trust us to come up with complete solutions. We work closely with them to find an answer that exactly fits their requirement.

Using American ingenuity and German quality helps us develop products that are practical and innovative solutions, which withstand the extreme demands of contingency or day-to-day operations. We are very flexible when working with our customers to fit their schedule and requirements.