ISBI ARMORing manufactures flat and curved ballistic glass. We have a unique (patented) air chamber system so our glass does not delaminate as with conventional glass-clad polycarbonate armour found in the market. Our transparent armour (bulletproof glass) is up to 82mm thick, stopping 50 BMG M33.

Long-lasting transparent and ballistic glass

Traditional ballistic glass is made with multiple layers of glass and a thin layer of polycarbonate laminated on the safe side. As this transparent armour ages, the polycarbonate delaminates from the glass.

In our proven system, we leave a gap between the glass and the polycarbonate so these dissimilar products can expand and contract at their own rates. The result is long-lasting ballistic glass.

We can make the glass flat for marine or military vehicles, or curved for civilian vehicles such as the Toyota 200. Our thinnest glass is 16.5mm thick (25kg per square metre) rated level NIJ 06 IIIA or NIJ 07 HG2.

ISBI specialises in flat and curved ballistic glass for military and civilian vehicles.
Our bulletproof glass is up to 82mm thick, enabling it to stop 50 BMG M33.
ISBI's traditional ballistic glass is made with several glass layers, as well as a thin layer of polycarbonate.
ISBI can produce flat glass for military or marine vehicles, as well as curved glass to match civilian vehicles.
Our unique air chamber system reduces the heat transfer, making the vehicles much cooler than standard glass.
ISBI's IIIA glass is return-fire capable, enabling users to shoot from the inside with a 9mm pistol.
ISBI has been producing armoured monocoque personnel carriers for Colombian defence forces for five years running.
ISBI's vehicles have proved highly resilient after being attacked by gun fire, grenades and roadside bombs.
Based in Colombia, ISBI has been supplying armour to military and civilian vehicles and water cannons for 25 years.
We have exported our products to armouring companies worldwide for the last 15 years.

We also produce 32mm level B5, 42mm level B6 (NIJ III), 52mm NIJ IV, 72mm BMG .50 cal single shot or 82mm for multi-hit.

Our IIIA glass is return-fire capable, allowing you to shoot from the inside with a 9mm pistol using full metal jacket (FMJ) or hollow-point ammunition.

The air chamber reduces the heat transfer, making the vehicles significantly cooler than regular glass. We can make the edges in block or with offset.

No end user certificate is required.

Military armoured personnel carriers

ISBI has produced armoured monocoque personnel carriers for the last five years for Colombian defence and police forces. Each vehicle offers high resilience against attacks involving gunfire, grenades and roadside bombs, proving extremely resilient.

In order to effectively withstand blasts, large sections of steel, fixed windows (approximately 70mm thick) and very strong doors (including hinges and mechanical locks) are essential, along with a truck chassis to support the armoured body weight.

The 9t armoured personnel carrier is made from US ballistic-grade Astralloy steel, which is cut by computer numerical control (CNC) plasma and welded with metal inert gas (MIG). It proves highly reliable and requires minimal maintenance due to its long-lasting polyurethane exterior paint and durable steel.

Swat-style entry shields

ISBI manufactures premium IIIA-level Swat-style entry shields, each conducted from laminated Twaron fibres. The shields are held in place by a centre handle that is attached to a unique boltless system, therefore preventing any weak spots associated with traditional bolting.

Measuring 1m x 60m by 39in x 24in, each shield has been certified by the US Testing Lab. We also offer CEN B5 protection for the Mexican market.

Military and civilian helicopter armour

ISBI has armoured more than 20 helicopters for military and civilian applications, as well as Colombian Air Force C-130 gunships.

Our helicopter armour is made from silicon carbide tiles laminated with rubberised Twaron, producing armour 20% lighter than armour-utilising Alumina tiles.

We normally armour cabin floors, only the pilot seat when required such as with the Bell 206, or the passenger area in the case of Black Hawk UH-60.

About ISBI

ISBI is an American-owned company located in Bogota, Colombia, which has supplied military, civilian and riot control vehicles (water cannons) with armour for 25 years.

We have been making ballistic glass for the last 15 years, which has been exported to other armouring companies in every continent.

All ISBI materials are approved and certified after passing the most stringent ballistic tests, and all products are battle-proven.