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Military Equipment Handling and Transportation Services

Pol-Mare is an industry leader in the handling and transport of military and dangerous goods of all classes, with particular emphasis on class 1 and all types of oversized cargo. The company's assets are a modern trucking fleet and its own customs agency.

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Pol-Mare is an industry leader in the handling and transport of military and dangerous goods of all classes, with particular emphasis on class 1 and all types of oversized cargo. The company’s assets are a modern trucking fleet and its own customs agency.

Solutions for military and hazardous cargo transport

Pol-Mare has 20 years’ experience in servicing the defence sector and is one of the few forwarding companies in Poland in possession of all the necessary certifications required to perform military transportation (WSK and AQAP certificates).

The company has the infrastructure, assets, expertise, staff, licenses and experience with the necessary country-specific requirements for transporting military equipment, including hazardous materials and equipment within Europe.

Pol-Mare is one of Europe’s leading providers of military equipment transportation solutions.
The company has extensive experience in the defence sector.

Our own fleet consists of 20 trucks with container semi-trailers, EX III certified and adapted to the transport of military and dangerous cargo.

Optimal services for oversized cargo loads

At Pol-Mare, we take special pride in our ability to safely and efficiently handle oversized cargo. We currently operate over 55 trucking assets of varying sizes, including heavy and oversize cargo transporters and operators, moving these assets across European borders on a daily basis. We also have access to an additional 80 trucks if required by the contract.

We ensure the selection of an appropriate type of semi-trailer, planning the route, optimising loading and unloading operations, providing appropriate permits, pilot’s services, and choosing the optimal route.

Pol-Mare also performs carriage of oversized loads by other transport means such as railway, inland barges, and sea navigation, including chartered vessels.

Liners, chartered vessels, port services and ship agency

Pol-Mare fulfils the sea transport of conventional and containerised general cargo and of bulk cargo on liners and chartered vessels. Our offer covers all kinds of reloading and storage operations, as well as transporting to and from sea ports.

Ship agency and port services are also provided and we charter vessels and send dangerous cargo between the US and Poland on regular basis. We also have an access to class 1 storage facilities in the US.

Pol-Mare collaborates exclusively with reliable and trustworthy ship-owners, ensuring the timely and safe delivery of cargo.

Efficient border service for military shipments

Having possession of its own customs agency allows Pol-Mare to offer a comprehensive service. The company’s customs agency clears goods under imports, exports and transit procedures, within the full range of the customs tariff and for military shipments based on the Nato 302 form. We prepare customs documentation and additional papers required by law for the release of goods.

Pol-Mare’s agency is in the direct vicinity of the customs office and cargo terminal at Warsaw Airport, enabling more efficient handling of air freight and lowering costs. Depending on the size of the cargo, we also organise aircraft charters, inclusive loading and fixing of goods.

Experienced and well-qualified staff to ensure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Pol-Mare’s priority. Pol-Mare employs staff and executives with a strong industry background and advanced knowledge and experience in the movement of military equipment across Europe.

The company also has a network of carefully selected agents who have been checked in respect of the safety of the cargo entrusted to us for transportation. This allows us to provide a professional logistics service in almost every corner of the world.

Continued support for Nato, US Army, MODs and governments

Pol-Mare had the privilege to support Nato and US forces in Europe through Operation Atlantic Resolve, the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), as well as Nato’s largest exercise in Central Europe, Anakonda, when we provided bus shuttle services for soldiers and on-call support for time-sensitive materials.

We performed haulage of tanks and military vehicles (Abrams, Bradley), which included crane and forklift support and lashing on the railcars. Pol-Mare provided delivery of a container shooting range, classified as a dual use equipment, from a US Navy base in Bahrain to Redzikowo.

Pol-Mare has also conducted relocation operations on behalf of the US Air Force in Europe, as well as washing and disinfecting American military equipment during the visit to Warsaw of US Vice President Mike Pence. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have been participating in deliveries of TNT to the US Government for over 15 years.

Pol-mare is very comfortable with military contractual and service requirements and is responsive to the demands of dynamic schedules and operations.

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    Pol-Mare has been active on the forwarding market since 2001. We specialise in handling of strategic importance cargo, military and hazardous ones of all classes, and in transportation of oversized cargo.

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