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Durable UID Labels for MIL-STD-130


Camcode is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable UID labels for MIL-STD-130. We are the most experienced UID provider in the marketplace and know more about the standard and its details, such as materials, marking technologies and attachment methods, than anyone. Camcode UID label materials are the most specified in the industry and last for the life of your item. In addition to UID marking, we also offer a wide variety of custom support services such as IUID registration, legacy program support and installation services.

Camcode’s UID products and services include:

  • Metalphoto® UID labels
  • UID foil labels
  • Tactical UID labels
  • CARC paint UID labels
  • SandShield UID labels
  • Metalphoto with Teflon® UID labels
  • Premium polyester UID labels
  • On-demand laser system for UID labels
  • IUID registration service
  • UID label installation service
  • Legacy program support

Metalphoto UID labels and foil UID labels

Metalphoto is the most specified label material in the defense industry’s history, and the best choice for MIL-STD-130 required durable UID labels. Camcode’s Metalphoto UID labels are designed to last the life of your item. The image is sealed below the label’s surface, forming an impenetrable barrier to water, sunlight, dirt, salt, chemicals, solvents and high temperatures. Labels are available in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate both flat and uneven surfaces. Attachment methods include high-performance adhesives or holes for mechanical fasteners.

Tactical UID labels for zero reflection and detection applications

Camcode’s Metalphoto tactical UID label is constructed to mark sensitive items without sacrificing their zero reflection or detection design. Available in army green or desert tan colors, this UID label is made of anodized aluminum with a pressure-sensitive high-performance adhesive or holes for mechanical attachment. An optional CARC adhesive is also available. Expected exterior life is 20+ years.

Camcode’s durable Metalphoto® anodized aluminum UID labels are the most specified throughout the defense industry, and designed to last the life of your item.
Tactical UID labels from Camcode are designed to mark sensitive items without sacrificing zero reflection or detection. They are made of durable anodized aluminum and available in army green or desert tan.
Our UID CARC labels feature a specially formulated adhesive that provides outstanding adhesion to chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) surfaces.
For applications needing extreme gravel or sand abrasion resistance, Camcode offers SandShield UID labels and SandShield covers.
We offer a wide range of services to support your UID needs, including IUID registration, UID label installation and legacy program support.

CARC paint-resistant UID labels

Camcode’s Metalphoto UID CARC labels are designed for MIL-STD-130 applications that require durable labels that will adhere to difficult-to-bond surfaces like chemical agent resistant coating (CARC). This UID label is constructed of Metalphoto anodized aluminum with a specially formulated adhesive that provides outstanding adhesion to CARC surfaces. Teflon is also available when labels must resist CARC painting processes.

SandShield UID labels with extreme abrasion resistance

Camcode’s Metalphoto SandShield UID label and SandShield label cover are designed for applications needing extreme gravel or sand abrasion resistance. The SandShield UID label is made from Metalphoto anodized aluminum, over laminated with a highly abrasion-resistant film. This UID label has extremely good abrasion, gravel and sand resistance, and good resistance to most mild acids, cleaners, water and oil. Camcode’s SandShield is also available as pre-cut clear blank covers, which can be laminated over custom labels for additional abrasion resistance.

IUID registration, UID label installation and legacy program support

Building on our unmatched UID marking expertise, we offer a wide range of services to support your UID needs. These services include IUID Registration, UID label installation and legacy program support.

Registering IUIDs into the DoD’s IUID Registry can be a complicated and lengthy process. Camcode understands the intricate requirements for IUID registration. Using the most advanced software programs in the industry, we’ll register your physical and virtual IUIDs quickly, easily and efficiently. Our UID labeling knowledge ensures your registration will be completed accurately. You’ll receive a complete UID registration report confirming your items have been properly registered.

Our legacy program support features services such as marking assessments, software integration and UID label installation. To install your labels, Camcode will coordinate an installation program for your entire group of legacy assets. This includes overall project organization and UID labels and installation tools.

UID labeling solutions

Camcode can help guide you through MIL-STD-130 or STANAG 2290. Our staff understands the policies and has the experience to support contractors, as well as individual nations who are looking to comply with these standards.

From UID marking specifications for individual items, to on-site equipment instruction and integration, to turnkey IUID compliance software, Camcode will get you UID compliant simply and at lower cost. Our proposals are customized to fit your needs and follow a free consultation. Complete the form below or contact us today to learn more.

White Papers

  • Camcode Partners with Netherlands MoD to Create Innovative UID Policy

    Camcode faced high pressure after they were chosen by The Netherlands to create and aid in the implementation a brand-new UID policy for the 6,000-employee Defence Materiel Organisation, which manages among other departments small arms, controlled cryptographic items and medical equipment for The Netherlands air force, army, navy and military police.