SKYDEX is a world-leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions. From armoured vehicles to bomb suits, helmets and body protection, SKYDEX is driven by the single purpose of ‘Protecting People and Things That Matter’.

We have extensive technical expertise and proprietary geometries, with advanced SKYDEX materials used to protect lives across a wide range of applications, such as vehicle protection, marine performance, sports protection, blast and ballistics, work wear/PPE, electronics, and more. With a passionate team of engineers and cutting-edge technologies, SKYDEX solutions outperform traditional materials.

Impact mitigation solutions for demanding military applications

For decades, SKYDEX has been trusted by armed forces to provide state-of-the-art protection in the harshest and most demanding conditions. Whether its enhancing comfort, shielding from impact, or lessening vibration-related fatigue, we work with our defence industry partners to enhance the protective capabilities of their products. Our patented, polymer-based geometries can be customised for each solution and meet your desired performance characteristics.

Tuned to perform and preserve. Sustainability has been a SKYDEX ethos since day one. By incorporating recycled materials and providing solutions with unbeatable durability, sustainability is in our DNA.
With proven expertise in impact mitigation, vibration control and cushioning, SKYDEX take products to the next level. Our team works with our partners to create solutions that provide maximum protection.
With onsite manufacturing and a global manufacturing network, our state-of-the-art equipment enables rapid development and cost-efficient production. ISO 9001:2015 registered, we are committed to quality every step of our process.
With a range of solutions for all performance and installation-specific needs, SKYDEX protects in all conditions on Powerboat, RIBS, Workboats, and other high-performance marine craft.
SKYDEX is unlike other materials. We offer protection across the full range of applications and tune our technology for specific needs. We’re constantly innovating and discovering ways to enhance performance.
SKYDEX has a world-class on-site research and development facility to quickly and efficiently design and evaluate solutions. We design, prototype and test in a seamless process to rapidly produce concepts.
Wave slams and repetitive impacts affect the occupants of marine craft - even in moderate conditions. SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Boat Decking reduces fatigue and improves performance.
The foundation of SKYDEX is our proprietary geometries. They distribute pressure, provide comfort and tune the response to mitigate impact—resulting in reduced risk of injury, pain and fatigue.
SKYDEX has fielded over 4.2 million helmet pads to armed force around the world. Helmet systems designed by SKYDEX increase protection, comfort and stability in easy to install solutions.
Our proprietary technology teamed with our expertise in the understanding of the local effects experienced during an underbody blast makes SKYDEX the leader provider of blast limiting decking systems.

SKYDEX believes that optimal performance requires game-changing innovation. Our specialist team of engineers and product development professionals bring industry-leading knowledge and a collaborative approach to every project. Using our world-class on-site research and development facility, we validate solutions using an array of impact, pressure and vibration measurement tools.

Efficient solutions for the defence industry

With a process designed for speed, we design, prototype and test in a world-class testing capability. This, combined with our extensive investment in on-site manufacturing, have broadened our scope of products and speed to market.

With our rapid prototyping, production and global manufacturing network, SKYDEX can serve projects of any size and scope. Our supply chain flows through North America, giving our customers timely access to materials, while also reducing our carbon footprint. With a zero-waste model, we recycle excess material produced in the manufacturing process into our technology. SKYDEX’s energy efficient production standards ensure scalable manufacturing for global needs.

Advanced technology for optimal impact absorption

Minimising the effects of impact is the core of SKYDEX technology. We engineer solutions that offer superior impact absorption and remain durable in harsh environments, providing optimal protection that greatly reduces the likelihood of injury. Benefits range from multi-impact response and the ability to absorb more impact in less space, and SKYDEX offers enhanced performance that enables our partners to rethink the possibilities of their products.

Cutting-edge vibration attenuation solutions for the military

Through the evolution of our technology, vibration attenuation has become a focus of our team as we understand the critical role it plays in a number of maritime, vehicle and other military sectors. With a growing awareness of the effects of whole-body vibration and the requirements to protect from the exposure to vibration, the EU Directive 2002/44/EC and other legislation has led SKYDEX to develop innovative and advanced solutions in the area of vibration attenuation.

Tuned to perform, SKYDEX geometries have also been integrated to improve cushioning through enhanced pressure distribution to enhance comfort of our users. With enhanced durability, the life-cycle of SKYDEX products greatly exceeds competitive materials and through the use of tough and durable materials, SKYDEX offers performance that you can trust over the extended usable life of our solutions.


SKYDEX provides optimal protection and performance across a broad range of industries. Whether it’s reducing vibration loads experienced in rough sea states, absorbing the extreme impact and shock delivered during unexpected explosions, or providing complete head and body protection within protective gear, SKYDEX can take on any challenge. From Major League Baseball stadiums to movie sets, construction sites and the military battlefield, we continue to push the limits of our technology.

Through ongoing research and investment in our technology, we are expanding our reach and establishing new partnerships, all with the goal of creating products that are engineered to protect and maximise performance.