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SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Boat Decking

SKYDEX Boat Decking Brochure

As boats travel through water at high speeds, they crest waves then slam back to the surface, sending shock through the hull of the boat into the occupants.

Exposure to such forces can lead to discomfort, performance degradation, and injury. In a survey of Special Operations craft operators, 62% reported an injury they incurred on the water.

Teamed with days lost to hospitalization, sick leave, limited duty, and loss of physical conditioning time, this growing issue demands attention. With an emphasis on building more powerful boats, increased operational tempo, and greater fast boat usage by law enforcement, commercial entities, and civilians, solutions need to be identified and integrated to reduce the force transferred through the deck to craft occupants.

In 2003, SKYDEX began manufacturing boat decking focused on shock mitigation for marine craft utilizing its patented impact absorbing technology. With assistance from members of the US Navy and US Marine Corps, SKYDEX Boat Deck is continually improved to help operators withstand the harsh marine environment and provide a deck cushioning layer to protect those using high-speed craft.

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