IEDs and blast events targeted at armored vehicles have become a persistent threat for military forces worldwide, it has been estimated that 87% of injuries from IEDs are in lower extremities, particularly in the feet and tibia regions.

In response, vehicle manufactures strive to provide protective solutions that both increase survivability and ensure soldier operational readiness and battlefield effectiveness. Blast mats are an innovative approach that combats the explosive shock wave by absorbing the overpressure from the blast. To be effective, a blast mat must be capable of countering the acceleration of the floor, while withstanding daily operations within the already limited vehicle space.

SKYDEX engineered the original blast mat solution as part of the MRAP prototype program in 2004. Over the last 15+ years SKYDEX has been working with vehicle manufacturers and end-users to integrate their patented energy-absorbing technology to reduce tibia loads during underbody blast events. With over 125,000 panels of vehicle decking installed, SKYDEX now has a range of proven solutions that have been fielded on leading vehicle platforms that meet STANAG4569 and pass the US Army MRAP specification.

With industry-leading performance and materials engineered for the armored vehicle environment, SKYDEX blast mats enhance the protective capabilities of any vehicle design.

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