The SKYDEX IsoFit® Helmet Protection System, integrates with most ballistic and bump helmets to provide unmatched helmet stabilization, a personalized fit and industry leading impact protection. Unlike other dial-fit systems that tighten only at the forehead and nape, the patented IsoFit system features a hemispherical 360-degree micro-adjustment liner that provides all-day comfort by evenly distributing weight across the entire head. Backed by a high-performance impact protection pad set, the SKYDEX IsoFit System turns your helmet and mounted gear into a stable platform, minimizing distraction while in action.

Recognizing that helmets are being mounted with an increasing amount of gear, SKYDEX Partnered with Helmet Comp to adapt their IsoFit System to offer unbeatable helmet stabilization in a system that is validated to standards for tactical helmets. Product features include:

  • One-handed, single-dial design that provides 360-degree micro-adjustments across the entire system.
  • Light weight moisture wicking comfort padding that conforms to any head shape.
  • Simple hook & loop attachment that doesn’t require helmet modification.
  • Glove-friendly dial with right or left-handed operation.
  • An Impact mitigating pad set that has been validated to meet AR/PD 14-01 and AR/PD 10-02 in specific helmets.