Backface deformation (BFD) is how much a ballistic plate deforms into the user after it is hit by a projectile. The injury resulting from the deformation and the energy transmitted to the user upon impact is known as blunt trauma or backface signature.

Although the projectile was halted, injury can still occur behind the armor. Injury can range from damage to major organs to bruising of the skin. The level of injury sustained from BFD depends on the caliber, velocity, weight, and speed of the incoming projectile.

To establish a required protective level, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in the US set an allowable deformation standard of 44mm. As plate manufacturers, the industry is striving to design protective solutions that meet performance standards, without adding bulk or material that can place an unnecessary burden on the wearer.

SKYDEX has developed a range of energy absorbing materials that can be added to any plate to o er superior BFD protection. SKYDEX geometries are engineered to collapse upon impact, mitigating energy and spreading the force over a wider area instead of allowing it to concentrate in a specific backface signature area.