The ISOFIT Helmet Protection System is specially designed to enhance comfort without compromising on protection. By combining SKYDEX’s cutting-edge energy-absorbing technology with Helmet Comp’s IsoFit liner, the solution provides optimal stability, comfort and protection on the battlefield.

Featuring an open airflow design and hemispherical fit technology, the IsoFit Helmet Protection System has been developed to counter the effects of increased helmet weight caused by mounted gear used in military missions.

Key benefits of the ISOFIT Helmet Protection System include:

  • Customisable fit to accommodate any head shape/size.
  • Easily installed into any tactical helmet.
  • Energy-absorbing technology for impact protection.

Speaking about the system, SKYDEX Director of Blast and Ballistics Collin Metzer said:

“Recent technological developments such as night vision, communication systems, and infrared identifiers mounted onto helmets have resulted in them becoming increasingly heavy, unstable, and uncomfortable.

“This system can be adjusted and tightened to accommodate the shape and size of the user’s head.”

“When installed into a helmet, this system can be adjusted and tightened to accommodate the shape and size of the user’s head. It distributes the load all around the head, making wearing the helmet much more comfortable.

“This is a key advantage of the IsoFit system compared to other available dial-fit systems, which load only the forehead and nape. This allows the warfighter to focus on the mission instead of worrying about their equipment.”

SKYDEX has extensive experience within the tactical helmet industry and is at the forefront in developing impact mitigation and energy absorption technology. Using lightweight, flexible, and durable materials, SKYDEX solutions are designed to absorb maximum energy and provide optimal protection to soldiers.

Limited quantities of the ISOFIT Helmet Protection System have been made available for pre-order, with further information on its launch expected in the coming weeks.