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SKYDEX ISOFIT: Enhance helmet comfort without compromising on protection

Military protection specialists SKYDEX have partnered with Helmet Comp to develop an innovative system that can be integrated into any tactical military helmet.

Why high frequency radio remains crucial for military communications

High frequency (HF) radio remains the only viable alternative to SATCOM for beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communication. This article looks at why it remains a crucial and strategic military capability.

ARPA Q&A: Water treatment and generation solutions for the military

Maria José Acedo, commercial director at ARPA, spoke to Army Technology about the company’s innovative water, sanitation and hygiene (W.A.S.H) solutions.

SmartBase: How smart collaboration can provide agile systems for situational awareness

SmartBase provides a more centralised and digitised approach to scheduling, tasking, communications, and reporting for base support teams.

netcon int.: Comprehensive ocean freight services for military and explosive cargo and goods

As specialists in ocean freight services, netcon offers extensive transport solutions for a number of different cargo types, including military cargo, dangerous goods and explosive materials.

TACO Antenna Q&A: Fixed and portable SATCOM antennas for the defence industry

TACO Antenna is a leading manufacturer of engineered solutions for antenna-based communication throughout the world.

Custom power solutions for defence industry applications

The requirement for reliable and high-performing battery packs for military equipment is an essential consideration for any defence organisation.

Vehicle ballistic protection for the land defence industry

Military vehicle companies: special-purpose vehicles (land platforms) for the land defence industry

Military packaging and material handling for the land defence industry