Military electronic warfare (EW) and jamming have assumed a substantial role in modern warfare. EW involves the use of electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to detect, identify, intercept, and locate hostile signals. It also uses countermeasures to radiate interfering signals to jam and disrupt enemy threats. Jamming is a form of electronic countermeasures.

Land-based EW technology provides situational awareness and combat pictures to tactical commanders, allowing them to make the right decisions on the battlespace to protect ground forces and mitigate enemy threats.

The increasing threat of drones used by adversaries and non-state actors poses a challenge for armies. It can be countered using advanced EW systems and anti-drone jammers to disrupt the uncrewed platforms.

Finding suppliers of military electronic warfare and jamming systems

Army Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of EW and jamming systems, based on its experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of land-based EW systems including anti-drone jammers, and military global positioning system (GPS) jammers for military and intelligence missions.

The information available in the download is useful for ground-based vehicle and aircraft owners and operators, procurement officers, fleet managers, engineers, and any others involved in the acquisition and maintenance of EW products.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their product and service offerings, along with contact details.

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Electronic warfare and jamming products and services

EW products and services include:

  • Electronic countermeasures systems
  • Missile warning systems
  • Laser warning systems
  • Communications jammer solutions,
  • Radar warning receivers
  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT), electronic intelligence (ELINT), and communications intelligence (COMINT)
  • Counter-improvised explosive devices jamming systems
  • Portable communications electronic support measures (C-ESM) systems, and mobile C-ESM systems
  • Mobile radio reconnaissance
  • Tactical satellite intelligence systems
  • Jammers for wireless and cellular communications
  • Anti-drone jammers

Types of electronic warfare

Electronic warfare solutions can be integrated into a range of platforms across land, air, and sea domains.

The three main categories of EW are electronic attack, electronic protection, and electronic support.

Electronic attack solutions enable armed forces to disrupt, deny, degrade, destroy, or deceive enemy communications and personnel using offensive options such as electromagnetic energy, anti-radiation weapons, and directed energy against radar-equipped defence systems.

Furthermore, electronic attack technologies include countermeasures such as radio frequency (RF) weapons, signal jamming, spoofing, and lasers to neutralise enemy threats. Electronic attack solutions are also used to conduct threat analysis and response.

EW solutions conceal the location of troops and provide protection to military personnel, platforms, and infrastructure against RF-equipped weapons.

Electronic protection (EP) protects friendly forces, including personnel and assets, against the effects of electronic attacks by enemy forces.

Electronic support is used to rapidly detect, intercept, identify, and track electromagnetic energy sources. It assists in the acquisition of targeting and signals intelligence data.

Electronic support missions include intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR).

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