Blast seats are used in military operations to protect troops, commanders and drivers from the effects of sudden impacts, mines, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). These seats are meant to not only serve as a cushioning layer to provide comfort for the vehicle occupant on rough, uneven roads, but are also a critical survivability component during a blast event.

The need for blast seats continue to grow to meet advanced threats and ensure troop survivability. While many blast seat manufacturers and vehicle OEMs have turned to shock mount systems to meet performance standards; this option fails to balance the need for energy-absorption with existing design and financial restraints, making it an impractical solution for many.

SKYDEX is a leading provider of military protection equipment and has extensive knowledge in blast mitigation. SKYDEX has developed seat cushion inserts that are layered within the traditional foam cushion materials to enhance protection capabilities to meet industry standards in both rigid blast seat design and to improve the performance, durability and comfort of shock mounted blast seats.

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