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SKYDEX, an industry-leader in advanced impact mitigation and energy absorption solutions, has developed a line of specialized blast protection products for armoured military vehicle platforms.

The company’s blast mats and seats inserts have been designed and developed for use in a range of military vehicles and prioritise the safety and security of military personnel on the front line.

Blast mats for enhanced protection against IEDs

With IEDs and blast events targeted at armored vehicles increasingly becoming a threat to military forces across the world, it has been estimated that around 87% of injuries caused by IEDs are in the lower part of the body, particularly the low leg and tibia regions.

As a result, vehicle manufacturers are increasingly looking to provide protective solutions that boost survivability while also ensuring soldier operational readiness and battlefield effectiveness.

SKYDEX’s blast mats help to combat the high velocity blast wave by absorbing the overpressure resulting from a blast. In order to be effective, a blast mat must be capable of countering the acceleration of the floor, while also withstanding daily operations within the already limited vehicle space.

Innovative energy-absorbing technology for blast protection

After engineering the original blast mat solution as part of the MRAP prototype program back in 2004, SKYDEX has been working with vehicle manufacturers and end-users to integrate innovative patented energy-absorbing technology aimed at reducing tibia loads during underbody blast events.

With over 125,000 panels of vehicle decking installed, the company has a range of proven solutions that have been fielded on leading vehicle platforms that meet STANAG4569 and pass US Army MRAP specification.

With cutting-edge materials and industry-leading performance engineered for the armoured vehicle environment, SKYDEX blast mats enhance the protective capabilities of any vehicle design.

Robust cushion inserts to defend troops from explosions

In addition to blast mats, SKYDEX has also developed cushion inserts that are specially designed for and used in military operations for the protection of troops, commanders and drivers from the effects of sudden impacts, mines, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The seats are intended to not only serve as a cushioning layer to provide comfort for the vehicle occupant on uneven and harsh road surfaces, but are also a critical survivability component during a blast event.

Cost-effective inserts for shock mounted blast seats

With IED threats only increasing, the requirement for blast seats amongst military forces worldwide continues to grow. Blast seat manufacturers and vehicle OEMs have turned to shock mount systems to meet performance demands, but these solutions fail to address the need for cost-effective energy-absorption systems with an existing design.

SKYDEX has designed and developed seat cushion inserts that are layered within the traditional foam cushion materials to provide robust protection capabilities for the most demanding military requirements. The inserts have been manufactured with the purpose of improving the performance, durability and comfort of shock mounted blast seats.

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions SKYDEX offers, please contact the company using the form on this page.