Ceramic plates are a different style of ballistic protection than kevlar or other fibers in that instead of “catching” a bullet, ceramics actually break the bullet. Ceramic ballistic plates have been used for decades because of their ability to break a projectile shot at it and reduce the impact caused by the projectile. In addition to their protective capability, ceramic plates are much lighter than their steel alternatives. Highly protective at a fraction of the weight means more agility and less fatigue for the user.

However, the downside of ceramic plates is that they can be easily broken or cracked if dropped or mishandled during everyday use. This fragility in rough environments reduce its operational effectiveness.

SKYDEX has developed a range of easily integrated energy-absorbing materials that other drop protection for ceramic plates. Engineered from some of our thinnest geometries, SKYDEX offers multi-impact performance in a highly-resilient material to protect your ceramic plate.