Royal Arms International manufactures tactical breaching, hostage rescue, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment for the defence industry.

The company supplies an industry-leading line of effective, durable and precision-engineered products suitable for a wide range of military, government and law enforcement applications.

Royal Arms products are created using high-quality alloys and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, ensuring all equipment meets even the most demanding military requirements.

Royal Arms is an experienced and trusted manufacturer of military equipment.
The company’s products are made using high-quality materials to provide optimal performance and reliability.
Royal Arms is one of the most established manufacturers of military breaching devices in the US.
Royal Arms was established in 1984 and is based in Tennessee, US.
The company manuafactures high-quality, affordable products for a wide range of requirements.
Royal Arms manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of products.
Royal Arms' products are designed to be durable and highly reliable.
All Royal Arms' products come with a lifetime warranty.
Royal Arms supplies equipment suitable for multiple military missions.
Royal Arms solutions will always be 100% USA made.

Anti-terror EOD equipment for military missions

Our advanced anti-terror solutions are designed to offer optimal performance capabilities with enhanced technical benefits. This gives military personnel and law enforcement officers a crucial tactical advantage in the field.

Royal Arms’ comprehensive range of EOD products makes the company an ideal choice for any defence mission. Products available include ammunition, cannons, igniters, tools and bomb squad equipment.

Cutting-edge breaching devices for military operations

Royal Arms specialises in the manufacture of breaching devices and is the original inventor and oldest manufacturer of a range of innovative products. These include:

  • Breaching stand-off device
  • 12-gauge breaching shotgun
  • Copper and clay frangible breaching rounds
  • 12-gauge flash-bang muzzle blast
  • FBG-MkIII impact detonated flash-bang device
  • Rebar Cutter Round
  • MK54II dual-shock tube initiator

Royal Arms has extensive experience in ‘shotgun breaching’ and is one of the oldest law enforcement trainers and advisers in the US.

We provide a free comprehensive ‘ballistic breaching training programme’ to help get you started.

Cost-effective military equipment with a lifetime warranty

At Royal Arms, we place strong emphasis on providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. We are constantly looking for opportunities to be more efficient in our operations so that we can pass these savings onto our customers.

Royal Arms prides itself on supplying the highest quality tactical gear at fair prices, building loyal relationships with customers and constantly evolving to meet their needs.

Our customer-oriented approach and confidence in our manufacturing processes means that we can also offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

About Royal Arms

Royal Arms has been supplying its innovative solutions to the defence industry since 1984. During this time, the company has established a reputation as a reliable provider that can always be trusted to deliver.

Based in Tennessee, US, Royal Arms is a military-owned and operated business. All our products are 100% made in the US, with American materials and ingenuity. We are dedicated to supporting US manufacturing and will never outsource our products, labour or materials overseas.