TAR Ideal Concepts is a leading provider of turnkey surveillance solutions, which integrate a wide range of technologies for governments, homeland security, police and special units in the defence sector. Part of the rapidly expanding Avnon Group, TAR is able to utilise the group’s technologies and knowledge to deliver integrated and holistic solutions.

Combining knowledge, technology, advanced equipment and training, our comprehensive services enable us to deliver turnkey solutions that allow our clients to be fully prepared for threats ranging from terrorism, major events, international crime, and disaster management.

Our experienced team has backgrounds in the Israel Defence Forces, homeland security, intelligence and Special Forces, enabling us to provide our customers with the best solutions, procedures and practices, from implementation of physical systems and technologies to creating bespoke infrastructures and processes.

Anti-drone modular active and passive systems for security applications

The SKYLOCK anti-drone system is a complete protective anti-drone shield consisting of a passive, strategic system that includes:

TAR integrates various solutions and technologies for the defence industry.
The Border Landcruiser Control Vehicle monitors both air and land-based border activities.
TAR's custom-made CBRN vehicles are designed to offer the CBRN unit a full mobile solution to deal with harmful substances and / or threats.
  • A radar system that recognises drones from 2.5km
  • Optic drone recognition system
  • Active neutralisation system that blocks radio-frequency (RF) / global positioning system (GPS) signals
  • Laser burner that brings down or destroys drones at 800m

Intelligence gathering

Target Profiling

Using unknown numbers extracted from a device, the system builds a personal profile by gathering information from social networks and applications.

By using Webint, it provides a connection between different groups and pinpoints the group leaders.

Dark Web Suite

The dark net is used to identify and monitor targets and mitigate threats.

Tactical Wi-Fi Interception

The Wi-Fi sniffing system intercepts and captures data from laptops, mobile phones and tablets using Wi-Fi from any hot-spot location.

Cyber UAVs

The cyber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) features cellular device detection and is equipped with an international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catcher and directional finder.

Data is collected in real-time, and continuously transmitted to the ground control station (GCS) through advanced software. The state-of-the-art GCS provides user-friendly comprehensive mission control and data management.

Vehicle integration

Working closely with special units, TAR provides customised vehicles for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) units; border patrol; intelligence vehicles; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN); forensics; personnel protection and mobile anti-drone vehicles.

TAR’s custom-built products range from vehicle modification, customised interior equipment, system and technology integration to protective clothing and personal equipment to ensure that the units are fully operational in the field.

Border Patrol Intelligence Vehicle

TAR’s border control vehicle concept monitors border activities from both air and land. It provides operators with accurate and real-time intelligence, collecting information from the different sensors and disseminating collated data to the Command Control Centre. The vehicle is designed to meet the customer’s operational requirements.

Law Enforcement Intelligence Vehicle (LEIV)

The LEIV enables field agents to gather intelligence from different sensors and automatically analyse data to allow the tactical team to make fast decisions and act accordingly.

Forensic Vehicle

Enables forensic teams to arrive at the crime scene and collect and analyse and document evidence gathered on-site.

EOD Vehicle

TAR builds customised EOD vehicles equipped with advanced equipment and protective gear, allowing the team to engage with a suspicious object in an urban area, with minimal risk to public safety.

Anti-drone vehicles

TAR’s anti-drone vehicles can be used as part of a border or perimeter control application or for the protection of Presidential Guard.

The mobile anti-drone system has a passive scanning system that is designed to detect the drones and the operator through an array of directional antennas or a single, high-gain omni-directional antenna.

The jamming unit blocks all radio communication channels (Wi-Fi, video, telemetry, datalink, and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) either disabling or commanding the drone to ‘return home’.

CBRN vehicles

TAR builds customised CBRN vehicles designed to provide a complete mobile solution to deal with hazardous substances or CBRN threats.

The sealed vehicle contains different sensors to detect and analyse different adverse materials. It also contains protective gear, as well as mobile detectors and collecting devices to allow personnel to gather samples from the area. They can also analyse samples and decide on the alert level required in the vehicle.