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Advanced Composites Design and Manufacturing Solutions

CCP Gransden specialises in advanced composites design and manufacturing solutions for the defence industry.

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Ballygowan, Newtownards,
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CCP Gransden specialises in advanced composites design and manufacturing solutions for the defence industry.

The company engineers innovative performance improvements for its clients using high-quality, robust, composite materials.

Continuous fibre thermoplastic composites for military applications

CCP Gransden is skilled in using continuous fibre thermoplastic composites, including high-performance polymers such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyetherimide (PEI), and polyamides. The company can deliver these solutions reliably and rapidly, in high volume (approximately 100,000 parts a year) and with fast cycle times.

Fully automated advanced composite manufacturing cells.
CCP Gransden manufactures fully assembled systems.
CCP Gransden’s single-stage over-moulding technology.
CCP Gransden offers design, manufacture and post processing of advanced composites.
Robotic 7-axis filament winding with complex geometric capabilities.
Proven advanced composites know-how through an array of successful projects
High-volume Engel manufacturing cell.

Advanced automated manufacturing cell

CCP Gransden operates a fully automated cell with a press for high-volume production. This sophisticated machinery offers rapid tool changing and full automation, also ensuring enhanced traceability and data capture.

Single-stage overmoulding of thermoplastic composites

As one of the first companies to undertake innovation in single-stage overmoulding, CCP Gransden has gained significant experience at the forefront of the process.

During the process, injection moulding and continuous fibre thermoplastic laminates are combined in a specific single process. This offers part reduction, incorporation of ribs, and net-formed components.

In-press snap cure thermoset composites for the defence industry

CCP Gransden offers a range of in-press snap cure thermoset composites. Processes include SMC, HPRTM, and snap cure prepregs.

Robotic 7-axis filament winding

Our manufacturing facility has an advanced MF Tech 7-axis robotic fibre placement filament winding cell that supports filament wound components through a wet winding and towpreg process.

It features a part size of up to 4m in length and 1m in diameter, symmetrical or asymmetrical cross-sections, linear or non-linear sweeps, full control over part wall thickness, full control over fibre angles, including unidirectional in-the-load axis, low cycle times, and multiple material configurations.

A key benefit includes the components and assemblies being extremely light and stiff. There are various options for assembly of filament wound components, including metallic or composite insert joints, adhesive bonding, or metallic fasteners.

In addition to structural tubing components, the winder can fabricate type 3, type 4, and type 5 filament wound high-pressure vessels for a number of applications, including high-pressure hydrogen fuel tanks, rocket propulsion systems, and gas storage.

Advanced in-house composite manufacturing processes

CCP Gransden has a first-rate manufacturing facility that offers one of the UK’s widest selections of advanced in-house composite manufacturing processes. Zund Fabric cutter, Belotti 5 axis CNC, Flow Waterjet cutter, fully equipped paint room, specialist assembly line and precise Roamer Arm inspection support our main equipment.

For engineering and project management, we use the latest 3D Experience Platform (CATIA V6) and process simulation, with full traceability and programmed Naveksa operations system. Operations have multiple accreditations, including ADS SC21 Bronze and AS9100. Our experienced and reliable operations team deliver exemplary workmanship no matter the project complexity or scale.

About CCP Gransden

CCP Gransden has been in business for over 125 years, evolving from a shipbuilding and repair company into a developer and manufacturer of advanced composites across high-value manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, transportation, security, and defence.

Our vision is to be globally renowned as a partner for the design and manufacture of innovative advanced composites. We invest in the latest advanced technologies to meet and exceed various challenging requirements of our multi-sector clients. Substantial in-house capability is combined with experienced operators and a skilled engineering team, ensuring we can reliably support exclusive projects from concept to commercialisation.

The company is actively engaged with a range of high-value manufacturing research centres and plays a leading role in a range of exclusive research and development projects.

With a long and successful history of participating in UK Government and EU funded projects, CCP Gransden is a proactive member of the aerospace, defence, security and space trade organisations, as well as Composites UK.

After collaborating with Thales, CCP Gransden is currently manufacturing sophisticated next-generation Thales Starstreak canisters and optical casings. Among other projects, CCP Gransden is a core member of the Project Tucana consortium, which has recently received over £35m from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (the UK Government body). CCP Gransden also contributes to the development of lightweight automotive body structures, which will be employed in future Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicles.

Our extensive expertise in advanced composites, combined with our proven track record, means CCP Gransden is in a respected market position.

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