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Military Shelters and Hangars

Veldeman is a market leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of military shelter solutions, hangars and fabric structures for the defence industry.

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Veldeman is a market leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of military shelter solutions, hangars and fabric structures for the defence industry.

The company’s military structures are used by armed forces globally for aircraft maintenance, logistics operations and as rapid deployment shelters.

Robust military shelters for remote defence operations

All Veldeman shelters and hangars are transportable by air, land and sea, and can be erected without the use of heavy equipment. They require minimal ground preparation and, in most cases, no foundations, making them ideal for military exercises in remote locations.

Veldeman’s structures comply with the strictest international and local construction standards and are wind and snow resistant. They feature a modular design that allows easy dismantling, relocation and expansion.

Veldeman is a leading supplier of military shelters.
The company supplies shelter solutions, hangars and fabric structures for military use.
Veldeman’s Military Shelter System (MSS) is a high-quality solution that can be deployed in the most demanding of conditions.
Veldeman's hangars can be constructed from ground level without the need for specialist equipment.
Veldeman's shelters have a proven track record of operating successfully in all environments.
Veldeman's hangars are used by defence organisations for aircraft maintenance and logistics operations.
Veldeman's military shelter solutions are easy to construct and ideal for use in remote locations.
Veldeman is certified to ISO9001 and EN1090 standards.

Military shelter systems for adverse operating environments

Veldeman’s Military Shelter System (MSS) is a high-quality, rapidly deployable solution that can be installed without special equipment in challenging conditions. It consists of a lightweight aluminium construction and a durable PVC fabric cover.

The MSS comes in standard widths of 21.35m and 27.5m and a variable length per 4.4m. Entry to the shelter system is gained through a flat gable or ‘big mouth gate’. Additional available options include an electrical system, insulation, lighting and ventilation.

Veldeman’s MSS has been deployed by defence organisations around the world and used to fulfil requirements for aircraft hangars, vehicular maintenance facilities, warehouses and housing units. The versatility of the MSS makes it the ideal solution for the growing demand of armed forces for temporary shelters.

Deployable support hangars for defence maintenance requirements

Veldeman’s DAMALSH (Deployable Aircraft Maintenance and Logistics Shelter) is a prefabricated military hangar. Its design consists mainly of pin-connections and it can easily be built from ground level without specialist tools or equipment such as a forklift or cherry picker.

Two variants of DAMALSH are available, one with a flat gable and another with a ‘big mouth’ gate. The longest component is shorter than 230cm, allowing for easy transportation in 8ft (244cm) containers. The DAMALSH is an ideal shelter for military aircraft maintenance and logistics operations.

Military sun shelters for rapid deployment on the battlefield

Veldeman has developed a Rapid Erection Sun Shelter (RESS) solution according to the specifications of the Indian Air Force.

The electronics in aircraft can overheat if the airframes remain unprotected from the sun or if there is no air-conditioning for long periods. This causes serious security risks for both the airframes and pilots.

Veldeman’s RESS structure consists of a roof with open walls to protect the aircraft from exposure to the sun, as well as allow quick entry and exit for crew. The structure’s modular and lightweight design also enables the rapid erection of the shelter.

Aluminium halls for storing military equipment

Veldeman’s highly versatile aluminium hall can be used for storage, maintenance and other logistical operations.

The structure features a classic modular ‘A’ shape design and benefits from a large interior space, making it ideal for storing military equipment.

The hall can be equipped with electric power, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation, and can also be customised to meet specific client requirements.

About Veldeman

Veldeman has a proven track record in the defence industry and has supplied its solutions to defence organisations across the world, including the UN, Nato, and US Air Force.

The company’s structures have been installed in over 50 countries and have operated successfully in adverse climates. Development and production of all Veldeman solutions occur in-house in the highly experienced technical, metal and fabrics departments.

Veldeman is ISO9001 and EN1090 accredited and operates in line with the highest quality standards and safety requirements.

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