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Military Batteries and Charging Systems for Communication and Electronics Applications

Bren-Tronics is a global manufacturer of advanced portable power systems for military applications used by the US, NATO and government forces around the world.

10 Brayton Court,
NY 11725-3197 United States of America

10 Brayton Court,
NY 11725-3197 United States of America

Bren-Tronics is a global manufacturer of advanced portable power systems for military applications used by the US, NATO and government forces around the world. We utilise state-of-the-art engineering and design, and source the best commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components and highest energy cells available. Our products are manufactured in a ‘lean environment’ with the most efficient equipment and reliable process controls in the industry.

We produce the only qualified US Department of Defense (DoD) BB-2590/U, 12V/24V Li-Ion rechargeable battery, which currently powers over 75% of all military applications in the world today.

Bren-Tronics products are acclaimed by a broad audience of US military and governmental agencies, prime defence contractors, foreign ministries of defence, and challenging industrial markets.

Battery supplier for military communication and electronics applications

For nearly 40 years, Bren-Tronics has been a veteran-owned small business dedicated to supporting America’s ability to globally defend rights, create consistent employment, and manufacture goods as a world leader.

With design, prototyping, qualification testing and manufacturing all under one roof, we provide portable power solutions among our state-of-the-art products. Our shipping equipment is qualified to exacting ISO 9001 and AS9100C standards. Products include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary (disposable, non-rechargeable) batteries: alkaline, silver and lithium-based cells and energy storage systems
  • Secondary (rechargeable) batteries: nickel-cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) and advanced lithium (Li-Ion & Li-Poly) chemistries
  • Complementary portable charging systems: bulk or depot chargers, ruggedised vehicle mounted, warfighter worn, versatile forward field chargers
  • Convertors AC/DC power, renewable solar and wind energy, and tomorrow’s fuel cells into stored and reusable energy for portable military equipment

Batteries for changing applications and environmental conditions

Our military customers know they cannot fight today’s battles with yesterday’s weapons, nor can they afford to depend on yesterday’s battery technology for today’s demanding, power-intensive equipment. The Bren-Tronics engineering team make it their mission to know the latest components and advance innovative designs for future requirements.

Bren-Tronics batteries conform instantly to changing application and environmental conditions, as enclosures constructed of the latest high-impact metal or plastic materials provide maximum durability meeting all relevant DoD specifications.

Smart circuitry delivers the power your application needs in response to changing load conditions, and keeps users and their smart devices informed of battery health status through its onboard displays and SMBus protocols.

Military universal charging platform

Bren-Tronics introduced a universal charging platform for the military, incorporating a software-based solution with a dedicated mechanical interface capable of recharging all dominant battery forms, voltages and chemistries using available AC / DC / renewable energy power sources:

  • Bulk / depot / unit charging platforms (SPC/SPC-Lite)
  • Vehicle-mounted charging platforms (VMC/VMC-Lite)
  • Soldier worn charging platforms (SPS/SPACES/NETT warrior)
  • FOB / MEU HQ operations platforms (trailer-mounted)

The 6-PACK Portable Power System, used to deploy equipment requiring 1kW-6kW to remote locations, is a power source comprised of six BB-2590/U batteries packaged into a rugged, watertight container with an integrated power management system.

Depending on the power requirements and the available input power sources (AC / DC / renewable), the 6-PACK can be sized to provide continuous power for missions over days and weeks, from extended remote patrols and operations centres by military, to border surveillance and emergency (FEMA) management where traditional power sources are not available.

Soldier Modernisation Programme (SMP) platforms convert and store energy from conventional sources to be used with a myriad of soldier-worn applications, allowing extended remote field operations.

Whether it is converting AC to DC power or delivering a steady output from intermittent sources such as wind or solar to your batteries, Bren-Tronics chargers will keep you powered up now and in the future.

Please visit our website for upcoming tradeshows, cutting edge new designs, and superior performance in the manufacture of power solutions.


10 Brayton Court


NY 11725-3197

United States of America