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Explosives and Ammunition

Established in 1948, the Chemical Works NITRO-CHEM Joint Stock Company, a member of PGZ Group, is an experienced and globally renowned Polish producer of explosives and ammunition.

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Established in 1948, the Chemical Works NITRO-CHEM Joint Stock Company, a member of PGZ Group, is an experienced and globally renowned Polish producer of explosives and ammunition.

The Chemical Plant NITRO-CHEM supplies its products to the Polish Army and to other foreign armies around the world and gradually develops cooperation with world leaders in the defence market.

NITRO-CHEM offers:

  • Trinitrotoluene (TNT) – flakes, solid pieces
  • Hexogen (RDX)
  • Octogen (HMX)
  • Nitrotriazolone (NTO)
  • Compositions of explosive materials :
    • Comp. B
    • Comp. A-3
    • Comp. A-4
    • Comp. A-5
    • TNH (TNT + HNS)
    • DNT/ TNT
    • Tritonal
    • K-43 Insensitive Explosives Composition based on NTO and TNT
    • Multiple other compositions
  • Artillery and tank ammunition
  • Aerial bombs (Mk82)
  • Antitank mines
  • Tear grenades
  • Engineer ammunition
  • TNT pressed boosters
  • TNT pressed and cast charges
  • Ammunition filling services of
    • Projectiles and warheads
    • Aerial Bombs
    • Antitank and sea mines
    • Demolition Charges
    • Etc.

Large-scale TNT production

NITRO-CHEM is a leader of TNT production in Europe. Its owned installation allows the company to produce TNT on a large scale and in quality that meets international standards including MIL, TL and STANAG.

HMX and RDX production

NITRO-CHEM has an installation for HMX and RDX production that uses the non-acetic method achieving material purity at the level of min. 98% for octogene and min. 97% for hexogene, in accordance with the MIL standards. During the recrystallisation process different grain size classes of material are obtained, and the product received may then be phlegmatised with waxes or fluoroelastomers.

With the ability to manufacture these high explosive materials, NITRO-CHEM also offers compositions based on RDX and HMX e.g. Comp. B, Comp, A-3, Comp. A-4, Comp. A-5, compositions with wax or Vition and other like TNT/RDX, TNT/HMX, TNT/PETN, TRITONAL.

Ammunition filling services

NITRO-CHEM offers wide range of ammunition filling services. Highly developed infrastructure and experienced staff enable the company to comprehensively implement various projects from its development stage to the final filling process.

The company’s current range of those products includes 120mm,122mm, 152mm, 155mm an altillery and tank ammunition, 98mm and 120mm mortar ammunition.

Since 2019 Nitro-Chem fills bodies of Mk82 aerial bomb.

Owned lines for filling armaments:

  • Line for casting of TNT,RDX, HMX, NTO or their compositions.
  • Line for screwing the bodies with TNT of 90 to 155mm in diameter (98mm, 120mm, 122mm, 125mm, 152mm,155mm).
  • Line for making pressed blocks form of TNT, phlegmatized HMX and RDX for military and commercial use(HEAT charges, engineer blocks, boosters etc.)

TNT pressed boosters

NITRO-CHEM offers TNT pressed boosters used for boosting insensitive explosives e.g. emulsions, ANFO or both as separate charges in opencast mining and in the field of geophysics. They are also used in the performance of specialised blasting works. Thanks to the modern installation for boosters production, the company is able to meet different customer requirements, adapting to their expectations.

White Papers

  • NITRO-CHEM Company Brochure

    Over 70-year-long experience in production of explosives and ammunition gives us the wide knowledge of their production technology and about the needs of the defence and mining markets.

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