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Reliable Electronic Infrastructure

Energy Control Systems has been at the forefront of power quality industry in the US and across more than 45 countries worldwide.


energy control systems

Energy Control Systems has been at the forefront of power quality industry in the US and across more than 45 countries worldwide.

Surge control protectors for the power industry

The company evolved from a single surge protector product company offering a simple industrial surge suppressor into a multi-faceted full service provider. It now supplies a variety UPS brands such as Eaton, Xtreme Power, Gamatronic and MGE, along with replacement UPS batteries, Harmonic Mitigation units, Power Factor Correction systems and a complete UPS service department.

Energy Control Systems’ objectives are not to simply sell products but to create customised engineered solutions from concept to implementation.

The company’s engineering team fully supports factory visits and input on client needs for surge protection, with an inventory of more than 80,000 items and the option for new-builds.
Pre-packaged surge solutions offer specific packaging needs for your location. ECS can design and provide customer enclosures with pre-mounted AC, DC, data and telecom protection.
The AC panel / equipment mountable solutions range from 120V single-phase AC to as high as 7,200VAC. Various NEMA-rated enclosures are also available.
ECS’s engineered cascade surge solution is integrated into microprocessor-based equipment in more than 50 countries. This includes airport control towers, elevator controls and naval vessels.
Also offered are small, integrated options for single-phase AC power from 12V to 380V and DC applications from 5V to 250V.
The company’s single-phase and DC units are easily integrated into virtually any panel and are ideal for security systems, access control, generator controls, and robotic systems.
Custom engineering is available for your surge protection. If you need AC and telecom, DC and coax, data, DC and PTZ for cameras, ECS can provide this.
Additional applications offered are integrating surge suppressor within UPS systems, generator controls, elevator controls and drives.
Protection of key critical monitoring equipment for environmental systems, electrical utility and nuclear control centers are among the thousands of applications for Sinetamer solutions.

Electronic infrastructure and communications protection

Global reliance on electronic infrastructure is a key reason for finding a partner committed to your success. Energy Control System’s vast range of surge protection units includes 120AC up to 7.2kV AC, 5V DC up to 1,500V DC suppression, data line protection, telephone line protection and coax cable protection units.

The company’s flagship AC surge protection product is SineTamer®. This equipment embodies the essence of technology advancement designed specifically for the secure and proper operation of modern technology.

Old and ageing surge products are ineffective and unable to ensure proper operation of computers, alarm systems, guidance systems, CCTV surveillance networks, command and control operations, variable frequency drives, and programmable logic controllers, as well as all manner of electronically controlled building operation systems.

Key advantages of engineered surge protection solutions

  • Electronic infrastructure protection

    Catastrophic surge events are not caused by lightning or utility companies that create software confusion and downtime, therefore up to 99% of all other surge protection devices are ineffective at addressing such events. Only the frequency attenuation network found in the Sinetamer® products can effectively reduce or eliminate often up to 80% of the causes of all electrical / electronic equipment failures experienced by entities worldwide.

  • Transient equalisation network (TEN)

    Energy Control Systems delivers a high level of secure operation in circuit board design and component utilisation through investment in technology demands. The company’s implementation of TEN® is the foundation of its system that will provide an instantaneous equipotential bond between all conductors in the electrical system that prevents excess current from flowing downstream into the system by keeping the entire electrical system at the same potential.

Power units under unparalleled warranty

If an Energy Control Systems’ unit happens to fail, even due to direct lightning strike, the company will replace it for free, with no questions asked.

Depending on the specific model, that period can range from five years on medium-voltage units to as long as 25 years.

Coordinated cascaded surge protectors

Energy Control Systems offers customer support for clients experiencing random lock-ups, resets, failure, or unexplainable ghost happenings, as well as unsuccessful installation of other surge protection devices.

The company’s clients experience a return on investment from between 60 days and eight months. One particular fleet of naval vessels experienced a payback of less than six months purely on the reduction of electrical operational maintenance costs.

Energy Control Systems offers more than just a typical lightning arrestor, which can be found on electrical panels worldwide.

Sinetamer® is an engineered solution designed for the ultra-sensitive nature of all variations of microprocessor-based devices. The company’s more than 28 years of experience and an existing range of over 80,000 different devices, and a customer-centric engineering team virtually assure a solution for your organisation. If the company does not have the solution ready, it will design one. Its pre-packaged surge protector assemblies differentiate the company in the marketplace.

About Energy Control Systems

Energy Control Systems offers global electronic infrastructure protection.

With a direct representation in more than 40 countries, technical assistance based in eight countries, and an engineering / manufacturing facility in the US, Energy Control Systems is your choice for power quality products.

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