STREIT Group unveiled Python support utility vehicle (SUT) in February 2018. Image courtesy of Streit Group.
The maximum range of the vehicle is 800km. Image courtesy of Streit Group.
The Python SUT can carry ten personnel, including two crew members. Image courtesy of Streit Group.
The vehicle can be used for reconnaissance and escort missions. Image courtesy of Streit Group.

Python is a new support utility vehicle (SUT) developed by STREIT Group, a privately-owned armoured vehicles manufacturer. Launched in February 2018, the Python SUT is one of the potential contenders in the all-terrain segment.

The Python SUT is designed to safely carry troops across all terrains and in harsh conditions. It offers superior mobility to infantry forces involved in different missions.

The highly flexible vehicle is capable of performing patrol missions in both countryside and urban areas, as well as convoy escort duties.

Python SUT design and features

The lightweight structure of the Python SUT is based on a commercial chassis developed by Toyota. The chassis enhances the vehicle’s all-terrain mobility and increases its payload capacity.

The 4×4 vehicle features a conventional layout with the engine in the front, crew cab and troop section in the centre and cargo compartment at the rear. The body incorporates a capsule design, while the hull offers protection against ballistic explosions.

“The Python SUT is designed to safely carry troops across all terrains and in harsh conditions.”

The forward crew compartment is fitted with a large windscreen for superior visibility. The crew cab and troop section can seat ten personnel, including driver and commander. The cargo compartment can be used to transport additional personnel or cargo.

The hull of the Python SUT is fitted with hinged doors on either side to enable the entry and exit of crew and troops into the vehicle. The doors are fitted with bulletproof windows that feature reinforced anti-riot meshes to protect insiders from abrupt attacks and increase survivability.

The Python SUT has a length of 5.18m, width of 1.95m, height of 2.16m, and wheelbase of 2.85m.

Armament and self-protection

The support utility vehicle is fitted with a roof-mounted turret, which can be mounted with a 7.62mm calibre PKM machine gun.

The turret has the capability to traverse 360º and provides the necessary firepower to counter enemy attacks.

The self-protection level of the vehicle can be further increased by three gun ports fitted on either side and two gun ports in the rear. The gun ports allow the occupants to fire their individual weapons.

The Python SUT offers CEN-B6 ballistic protection level. The armoured hull protects the occupants against 7.62mm rounds.

The vehicle also offers four-point restraint system for the protection of personnel sitting in the rear section.

Python SUT engine and performance

The Python SUT is fitted with a V6 4l gas-powered engine, which has the capacity to produce 228hp (170kW) of power. The vehicle can also be powered by a V8 4.5l turbo diesel engine, which has a power rating of 268hp (200kW). The fuel tank in the vehicle has the capacity to carry 180l.

The chassis integrates reinforced suspension system, which improves ride quality and enhances the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Sophisticated braking systems of the vehicle enhance safety in various terrain conditions. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with Hutchinson run-flat devices installed in all tires, including spare wheel.

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