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Global Technology Revolution

The ever advancing invasion of technology in virtually every area of our lives during the 21st century has its advantages. Technology has radically improved the lives and lifestyles of multitudes in the areas of medicine, communication and education.

It has not, however, come without a price tangible as well as intangible.

Digitalisation has been promoted as the shortest route to an easier and more productive life, as well as a more profitable business.

Unfortunately for many, the fullness of the digital age and its benefits has been derailed somewhere between invention and implementation. Therefore, the trumpeted benefits of the technology and digital revolution have yet to be fully realised by a majority of the world.

It would be extraordinarily rare for such radical change in one area of society to have little to no effect on other sectors of society, and it is no different with technological advancement or the digital age.

In many ways, this trend appears to largely be ignored by the power quality industry, which is nearly a billion dollar market.

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