Kratos C5ISR Modular Systems, a division of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, is a leading provider of specialised modular solutions supporting critical missile defense and radar systems, unmanned platforms, shipboard systems and other strategic ground support equipment programs. Through its Gichner Shelter Systems acquisition, Kratos has over 50 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, modification, and testing of mobile tactical shelter systems.

With division headquarters located in Dallastown, Pennsylvania, Kratos C5ISR Modular Systems has over 350,000 square foot of production space available to meet customer requirements. Kratos’ vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities feature end-to-end fabrication resources that support both prototype and full-rate production needs. Kratos upholds a commitment to superior quality standards and is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev. D.

Kratos is the industry leader in modular platform integration and modification, providing specialised packaging of electronics and other sensitive equipment. Kratos has delivered highly engineered, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielded shelter systems to every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, international governments and leading defense prime contractors. These field-proven, expeditionary solutions are deployed to some of the world’s most challenging environments.

ASF expandable shelter.
20’ ISO Mobile Facility
S-788/G (LMS) shelter.
Lightweight medium tactical rigid wall ISO military shelter (LMT)
Fifth-wheel high mobility tactical trailer (FHT)
Electronics Enclosure

System Integration and Military Shelter Modification

Kratos offers system integration and modification services to deliver turn-key modular solutions. Typical systems feature electronic equipment racks, environmental controls, power distribution and personnel workstations.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding is a key component of packaging sensitive electronics in mobile C5ISR platforms. Kratos has extensive EMI shielding experience and a complete suite of equipment to perform EMI shielding effectiveness testing at discrete frequencies in the magnetic, electric and plane wave fields.

The company has delivered turn-key shelter systems designed for a diverse range of applications, including UAS ground control stations, communications platforms, radar electronics enclosures, mobile maintenance shops, chemical analysis labs, energy storage systems and data processing facilities.

Service and Maintenance of Tactical Military Shelters

Kratos offers the engineering resources, manufacturing capabilities and testing facilities to provide complete refurbishment, reset and modification of tactical military shelters. From simple repairs to full system overhauls, Kratos is experienced in restoring any shelter to a ‘like new’ condition.

Tactical Shelter Products for Military Applications

Kratos C5ISR Modular Systems’ core capability is the packaging of electronic equipment in lightweight, tactical military shelters constructed with bonded, foam and beam or honeycomb core aluminium panels.

The company offers high levels of integration and customisation, and manufactures a wide range of proven product platforms, including vehicle-mounted shelters, trailer systems, 20ft ISO mobile facilities, lightweight expandable shelters, aircraft-loadable systems, composite shelters and custom enclosures.

LMT Shelter (Lightweight Medium Tactical, 20ft ISO)

  • Family of 20ft ISO shelters offers a flexible platform for custom configurations
  • Optional structural design features include recessed end walls, side removable walls, slide-out expandable, and other variants
  • Available features include power entry panels, integrated levelling jacks in corner posts, onboard generator and environmental control systems

GMS-459 Shelter (Mobile Facility, 20ft ISO)

  • Kratos has produced more than 7,500 CSC certified, modified GMS-459 shelters for the U.S. Navy Mobile Facility Program
  • Using end doors and removable side panels, the shelters can be joined together to form larger complexes providing increased interior space
  • Seven standard configurations are able to be customised and integrated to meet specific mission requirements

S-280 Shelter

  • Durable shelter designed for high mobility applications, including FMTV mounting
  • Standard JOCOTAS approved family of military shelters for basic and EMI-shielded variants
  • Lightweight, high payload shelter features bonded aluminum panel construction with foam and beam core

S-788 Shelter, LMS (Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter)

  • Designed for mounting integration with the HMMWV and other light tactical vehicles
  • Features lightweight aluminium honeycomb panel construction
  • Kratos has delivered over 3,000 standard and modified LMS shelters for various programs

Army Standard Family (ASF) Shelter

  • Two main variants: one-side and two-side fold out expandable shelters
  • Standard ISO dimensions (8ft x 8ft x 20ft) during transportation
  • Expandable variants allow for increased interior capacity during deployment