Kejo utilizes 13 years of sales, development and research in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) equipment to produce state-of-the-art EOD protection and equipment solutions.

EOD blast protection suits

Our many satisfied customers, including bomb disposal officers and technicians who have used Kejo brand equipment daily on the front line of EOD and IEDD operations, have testified their complete satisfaction with the reliability and performance of our EOD suits.

Explosive ordnance disposal suits

Our Kejo Saviour explosive ordnance disposal suit has been tested by US-certified test laboratories and the resulting accreditations are available on demand. Our blast plates have been tested to a V50 of 6,083ft/s. This V50 rating alone sets our Saviour 2010 model EOD suit apart from others in this specialized field.

Demining protective equipment

Keho Saviour demining vests, aprons and tool kits are extensively used by demining and EOD teams throughout the world. We offer a complete range of protection levels and products to suit all demining applications.

Kejo Saviour EOD suit.
Demining tool kits.
Kejo telescopic manipulator.

Bomb suppression blankets

In this age of indiscriminate terrorism, bomb protection systems are no longer just the concern of specialist law enforcement or military teams: it is also of paramount importance for civilian companies and public facilities to be adequately equipped to deal with any bomb threats.

Our bomb suppression blankets can contain any potential explosive threats. The blankets feature an optional safety circle that can be placed around a covered device that serves to dramatically reduce blast radius and impact ability. Our blankets can also be customized for use in military vehicles such as helicopters and humvees.

EOD telescopic manipulator and tool kits

We have developed the Kejo telescopic manipulator for the removal of IEDs from a safe distance, thus preventing injuries to personnel while moving the object to a safer area for examination and defusing. Our complete range of EOD tool kits are assembled for all possible applications in the field of EOD.