The Arlan 4x4 multi-role armoured vehicles are produced by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering. Image courtesy of JSC NC Kazakhstan Engineering.
The Kazakhstan Army took delivery of the first batch of Arlan vehicles in August 2016. Image courtesy of JSC NC Kazakhstan Engineering.
The Arlan wheeled vehicles can carry up to ten personnel. Image courtesy of JSC NC Kazakhstan Engineering.

Arlan multi-role armoured vehicle

The Arlan 4 x 4 multi-role armoured wheeled vehicle is produced by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) in collaboration with the Kazakhstan military and based on the Marauder mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle produced by Paramount Group, located in South Africa.

The vehicle is intended to operate in extreme geographical and climatic conditions to meet the mission requirements of the Kazakhstan military.

Arlan is offered in three configurations, namely patrol, armoured personnel carrier (APC), and mobile command post for air defence missile systems.

Development, orders and deliveries of Arlan multi-role vehicle

Production of the Arlan vehicles began in the 15,000m² KPE armoured vehicle manufacturing factory, established jointly by NC Kazakhstan Engineering and Paramount Group in November 2015. Paramount Group also supplied technology for the vehicles.

A locally made Arlan was unveiled at the KADEX 2016 (Kazakhstan Defence Expo). The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed an agreement with Paramount in December 2015, for the production of Arlan armoured vehicles in Kazakhstan.

The first batch has been delivered to the Kazakhstan Army in August 2016. The army received the latest batch of vehicles in December 2017.

In January 2016, Jordan signed a deal with Kazakhstan to buy Kazakh-made Arlan vehicles.

Arlan armoured vehicle design and features

The Arlan multi-role armoured vehicle features a modular design and double-skin monocoque hull structure, offering increased protection against mine blasts. It is 6.6m-long and 2.6m-wide and has a kerb weight of 13.5kg.

With a payload capacity of 16,000kg, the vehicle can carry ten personnel, including three crew members. The crew cabin is fitted with two side doors, each having a bulletproof window with a firing port.

The troop compartment accommodates up to seven infantrymen. It is provided with two bulletproof windows with firing ports and can be equipped with a roof hatch to facilitate emergency exit.

The interior can be fitted with equipment such as fire suppression systems, intercom, radios, public address system, and a vehicle location and tracking system.

Armament and protection

The Arlan armoured personnel carrier variant can be fitted with Aselsan’s SARP remote-controlled weapon station. Armed with a 12.7mm NSV heavy machine gun, the weapon station allows the gunner to engage land and air-based threats, as well as asymmetric threats.

The vehicle offers STANAG 4569 level three ballistic protection against small arms ammunition and STANAG 4569 levels 3a and 3b blast protection against mine explosions. It can withstand mine blasts of 8kg TNT beneath the hull, 8kg TNT beneath any wheel and 50kg TNT explosion from the sides.

It can be provided with additional active and passive armour protection, as well as chemical or biological protection systems.


With a generating capacity of 210kW and a torque of 970Nm, a turbo diesel engine powers the Arlan armoured vehicle. The engine, located at the front, is coupled to an automatic transmission system.

“Arlan is offered in three configurations, patrol, armoured personnel carrier (APC), and mobile command post for air defence missile systems.”

Fitted with five 16.00 R 20 tyres, the Arlan vehicle offers greater mobility on all terrains. It has air-operated differential locks at the front, rear and centre. The pneumatic disc brakes with anti-lock braking system help to ensure vehicle safety.

The vehicle can be optionally provided with run-flat inserts and an auxiliary power unit.

Mobility of Arlan armoured vehicle

The Arlan armoured vehicle has a maximum road speed of 100km/h and can travel up to a distance of 700km. Its kerb-to-kerb turning circle diameter is approximately 18m and its wheelbase is 3.55m.

It can perform missions in extreme temperatures ranging from -50°C to 50°C. It can ford at 1.2m and can climb grades of 60% and side slopes of 35%.

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