Paramount Marauder Mine Protected Vehicle

The Marauder is a 4x4 mine-protected armoured vehicle manufactured by Paramount Group. It was first launched at the In

Two + Eight (Standard Version); Two+10 (Stretched Version)
Ground Clearance
6-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel
100km/h - 120km/h (tyre dependent)
Turning Circle
Light and medium-calibre machine gun and cannon weapon
Mortar firing platforms and missile launchers
Air Burst
155mm High Explosive Airburst
Ballistic Protection
7.62 x 54mm RB 32 API & .50cal API
Mine Protection
Double anti-tank mine (14kg TNT) under any wheel; Single anti-mine (7kg) under the hull

Paramount Marauder Mine Protected Vehicle

The Paramount Marauder 4×4 mine-protected armoured vehicle.

The Marauder is a 4×4 mine-protected armoured vehicle manufactured by Paramount Group. It was first launched at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi in February 2007. Marauder offers excellent crew survivability and protection, and demonstrates outstanding payload capacity.

Paramount Group entered into an agreement with the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) for the manufacturing and production of Marauder in 2008. KADDB is Jordan’s major governmental military organisation that develops and manufactures defence systems.

The Jordan Armed Forces at the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX) 2008 in Amman announced that it would be purchasing a first batch of 50 Matadors and Marauders for security and peacekeeping missions, making it the maiden customer for Marauder.

Paramount Group will deliver 30 Marauder vehicles to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces by the end of 2012 under an agreement signed with the Azerbaijan in 2006.

Marauder mine-protected vehicle design and features

The double-skin monocoque hull structure provides the vehicle with a modern appearance and a smooth finish. The vehicle demonstrates unsurpassed protection in its 15t weight class. The driver and commander are positioned side-by-side in a well-contrived internal layout for optimal communication.

“Marauder is available in 4×4 and 6×6 vehicle configurations.”

Large windows are provided for excellent all-round visibility. The Marauder features a protected diesel power pack at the front, leaving the rest of the vehicle space clear for the crew and troops.

The narrower deep “V” shaped hull offers all round protection against mines. The base vehicle is designed to carry a payload of around 5t.

The standard vehicle operates well below maximum payload capacity. Substantial headroom is available for the installation of defence suites and subsystems to prepare the vehicle for various combat roles.

The Marauder is designed with ease of maintenance in mind and as such component sourcing and manufacture are especially simple. This allows for cost-effective production and repair of vehicles in a number of locations across the globe.

Marauder mission variants

Marauder can be delivered in the standard form or in a stretched variant offering extra space to carry more troops, or to accommodate extra stores and combat supplies for specialist missions.

It is available in a range of variants including mine protected vehicle, command post vehicle, 4×4 ambulance, 6×6 120mm mortar, 6×6 ammunition carrier, 4×4 recovery vehicle and 4×4 logistic vehicle.

In September 2012, Paramount Group launched a new protected utility variant, Marauder Patrol, at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 (AAD 2012) exhibition. The vehicle offers STANAG Level 1 ballistic protection. The protection levels can be further upgraded to STANAG Level 2.


The vehicle can be fitted with light and medium-calibre machine guns and cannon weapon installations, mortar firing platforms and missile launchers. The stowage bins fitted on the vehicle will allow it to perform extensive missions autonomously.


The double-skinned hull throughout the cabin and crew compartment offer mine-protection of STANAG 4569 level 4a and 4b (Single anti-mine (7kg) under the hull and Double anti-tank mine (14kg TNT) under any wheel). Ballistic protection is provided against 7.62 x 54mm RB 32 API and .50cal API ammunition (Equivalent to STANAG 4569 level III). The vehicle can withstand the detonation of 155mm High Explosive Air Burst (HEAB) ammunition.

“The Marauder features a protected diesel power pack at the front.”

Crew seating arrangements are specifically positioned to increase crew survivability during extreme accelerations received during mine explosions. Add-on armour plates can be placed in the internal space between the side walls when required.

The enhanced ballistic protection and IED protection kits produced are fitted rapidly to the vehicles.

The vehicles are also fitted with bullet proof windows to enhance situational awareness. The side windows feature firing ports as per the customer requirements.


Marauder is powered by a powerful 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine coupled to a semi-automatic transmission. The engine delivers 165kW of power and 801Nm torque.

The vehicle can also be equipped with a wide range of standard engines with increased power if required by the customer. Marauder provides excellent on- and off-road mobility.


The MAN drive-line provides excellent on and off-road mobility and reliability. The standard vehicle has a cruise speed of 100km/h and a maximum road range of 700km.

Long-range fuel tanks can be fitted to extend the range and scope of operations. The Marauder is available in 4×4 and 6×6 vehicle configurations.

The shorter wheelbase and tighter turning circle of the vehicle enhance the manoeuvrability. The repairs to the Marauder can often be carried out easily and springs and axles can be quickly replaced to regain mobility within an hour.

It can be airlifted with short preparation and provides excellent strategic mobility.

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