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Practice Grenades for Military Training

Bristol Trust manufactures practice grenades, weapons systems, ammunition and other military equipment for defence organisations.

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Bristol Trust manufactures practice grenades, weapons systems, ammunition and other military equipment for defence organisations.

The company’s solutions are used by the army, navy, and airforces, in addition to law enforcement agencies such as the police, border force, and private security firms.

Practice hand grenades for military training

Bristol Trust manufactures an innovative THG67 practice grenade for the risk-free training of military personnel.

Without adequate experience of using grenades during the training period, mistakes can easily occur and have the potential to cause serious injury.

Bristol Trust supplies highly realistic practice grenades for military training.
The practice device is a safe and reliable alternative to real hand grenades.
The practice grenade is made from naturally degradable materials, including a clay shell.
Our hand grenades are designed to mirror the same size, weight and operating system as real grenades.
Bristol Trust manufactures a wide range of military equipment and solutions.

The THG67 grenade allows soldiers to learn how to operate a highly realistic but safe practice device so they are fully trained and prepared when they come to use live grenades on the battlefield.

Safe and realistic grenades for added training value

Realistic training with dangerous devices is an important part of preparations for any defence force. For example, military personnel who have trained with a 100g grenade are going to be unprepared if they are required to handle a live grenade weighing 400g.

Our practice grenades replicate the same size, weight and operating system as a real grenade, giving soldiers an identical handling and operating experience.

Sound effects, smoke and fragments from the grenade’s body are designed to provide a realistic training environment while also ensuring the safety of soldiers. Grenade fragments and flames from the explosion do not cause injury, even at close proximity.

This allows soldiers to gain a feel for the weight and shape of real grenades prior to using them for the first time, providing an invaluable training experience.

Environmentally friendly training grenades for military exercises

Bristol Trust’s training hand grenade is made mostly from naturally degradable materials for environmental protection.

The grenade is covered in bio-degradable paint and the shell is made from clay, which dissolves once used.

Practice grenades with an excellent safety record

Bristol Trust places a strong emphasis on the safety of its products. We believe soldiers should never suffer injuries because of accidents during training exercises or practice missions.

Our THG67 practice grenades have been specially designed with the safety of soldiers in mind. Defence forces that have started to use our training hand grenades have had no injuries related to or caused by the devices.

Unfortunately, severe injuries continue to occur during exercises where pyrotechnical sticks or metal practice grenades are still in use.

About Bristol Trust

Bristol Trust was established in Tallinn, Estonia in 2009 and provides high-quality personal protective products, weapon systems, arms, ammunition and pyrotechnics to the defence sector.

The company has received Registered Broker of Military Goods status from the Strategic Export Control Department of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and AQAP 2110:2016 standards.

White Papers

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    This eco-friendly, non-metallic training hand grenade is made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protection such as day for the bomb body and bio-degradable plastic for fuse head.

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