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Monitoring and Surveillance Systems

EVPÚ Defence was established in 2001 and focuses on the development, design, manufacture and sale of a range of products.

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EVPU Defence designs, develops, produces and services electro-optical systems for the security and defence industry. It offers a comprehensive service from the design of a customised solution through its meticulous production, rigorous testing and extensive after-sales support.

In the security segment, the company offers short, mid- and long-range electro-optical surveillance systems, surveillance and monitoring vehicles, pan tilts, day-night cameras, cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, control software and accessories.

In the defence segment, EVPU Defence produces sighting and protective systems for armoured vehicles including remote controlled weapon stations, commander sights, gunner sights, situational awareness and driver vision systems and laser and radar irradiation detection systems (laser and radar warning systems).

Whether as a complex solution provider or a subcontractor, EVPU Defence specializes in providing tailor-made products for its customers. Research and development play an essential role in the company’s activities which is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities in the Czech Republic. EVPU Defence is a holder of the ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certificates. The quality of its designs and workmanship has also been confirmed by successful sales to more than 40 countries worldwide and the continuing trust of major system integrators.

Remote controlled weapon stations

EVPU Defence offers several types of weapon station (RCWS) which can be integrated with either a 5.56 – 7.62 mm machine gun or a 7.62 – 12.7 mm machine gun. These RCWS ensure ground and low-flying air target acquisition, perimeter surveillance and fire control. The systems’ modular design, ultra-low weight and compact dimensions make them perfectly suitable for a wide range of military vehicles. Depending on the type, EVPU Defence’s RCWS offer up to four (2+2) independent stabilized axes in azimuth and elevation to provide maximum firing accuracy.

Commander and gunner sights

Stabilized and ruggedized against vibrations, EVPU Defence’s multi-sensor sights are equipped with a day zoom camera, thermal imager and laser rangefinder (LRF). They provide 24/7 vision in all weather conditions and can be integrated in turrets or installed directly on the vehicle.

Passive protection systems

Passive protection systems made by EVPU Defence include a modular awareness system and a laser and radar irradiation detection system. The modular awareness system consists of a set of modules which are carefully chosen and modified to suit the requirements of individual customers and their vehicles. The combination of modules provides up to 360° view of the battlefield and clear and sharp image 24/7. Certain configurations may be used as a driver vision system.

The laser and radar irradiation detection system alerts the crew when a vehicle is detected by radar or laser means such as rangefinders, target designators, beamriders or laser aimed and guided weapons. The system then suggests and executes countermeasures (e. g. firing smoke grenades to obscure the enemy’s view).

Stationary and mobile electro-optical surveillance systems

EVPU Defence produces nearly twenty basic types of pan tilt positioners in various possible configurations, and more than a dozen different types of day-night and thermal imaging cameras. These can be combined with LRF, radar, searchlights etc. into unique complex solutions for the simultaneous detection, evaluation and tracking of multiple targets over long distances, or they can be integrated with the customer’s own sensors and systems. EVPU Defence’s stationary surveillance systems offer an observation range of up to 28 km and have been used, for example, to monitor airports and coastal areas and protect the borders in extreme climatic conditions.

EVPU Defence’s surveillance and monitoring vehicles are a popular alternative to stationary surveillance systems. These comfortably and purposefully equipped vehicles can oversee and protect hundreds of square miles with a crew of just two operators. Boasting a day camera, thermal imager, pan tilt, perimeter protection cameras, extendable electrical mast and a host of other equipment, the surveillance and monitoring vehicles quickly respond to events in the area and help make significant savings in surveillance tasks such as preventing illegal immigration and smuggling or monitoring busy public events.

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