EVPÚ Defence was established in 2001 and focuses on the development, design, manufacture and sale of the following products:

  • Special monitoring and surveillance vehicles with integrated CCD TV day colour camera, infrared (IR) camera, laser rangefinder, GPS and / or digital magnetic compass
  • Multi-sensory heads and containers both in stationary and / or mobile variants equipped with CCD TV day colour camera, IR camera, laser range finder, GPS and / or digital magnetic compass
  • Various types and versions of two-axis pan / tilts for direction and position for a wide range of applications
  • Day cameras and night IR cameras placed in a sealed ruggedised environmental housing to protect optical and electronical parts
  • SW
  • Operator consoles
  • Lifting mechanism for electro-optical systems
  • System and sensor cables, GPS, DMC, LRF and seismic systems

EVPÚ Defence offers complete project solution according to the customers´ requirements, from product development to service and maintenance during the whole life cycle of the delivered systems.

EVPÚ Defence is a member of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic, and holds the ISO 90001:2001 and AQAP 2110 certificates and permission to realise foreign trading in military material.

Mobile monitoring and surveillance systems are widely used for monitoring and surveillance of areas of interest such as border lines, airports, coastal areas and other areas with increased demands for flexible protection against penetration by intruders during day and / or night time.
Various accessories such as system and sensor cables, power supply box for the vehicles, operators console and SW, GPS, DMC, LRF.

Special monitoring and surveillance vehicles

Special monitoring and surveillance vehicles are designed to increase security of border zones, pipelines and critical infrastructures. Vehicle systems are capable of detecting and identifying suspects, vehicles and other objects of interest both daytime, at night and in adverse weather conditions up to a 20km range (according to selected configurations). The systems feature a modular and compact design and have low-power consumption.

Basic configuration includes:

  • Vehicle according to customer requirements
  • Lifting mechanism
  • Direction and position pan / tilt usually equipped with IR cooled camera, CCD TV day camera, laser rangefinder, GPS and / or digital magnetic compass
  • Vehicle self-protection system (PIR sensors, seismic systems)
  • Control and display system, running a high-performance SW with digital maps and a gamut of basic and ancillary functions
  • Monitors
  • Video recording system
  • Vehicle can be equipped with ground surveillance radar, which works with an electro-optical system

Multi-sensor heads and containers in stationary and / or mobile variants

Multi-sensor heads and containers are developed, designed and manufactured specifically to customer requirements. The systems may integrate various combinations of IR (cooled or uncooled) cameras, CCD TV cameras, black and white cameras, laser rangefinders, DMC and GPS, allowing customer to make use of a 24/7 surveillance capability to the range of up to 20km.

The systems also include a control unit and dedicated software package, whose functionalities make the job considerably easier for system operators and increase their effectiveness. As a standard, the system feature functions such as panorama, scan, alarm, digital image stabilisation, autofocus, target tracking, integration of digital maps and image recording.

Various types and variants of two-axis pan / tilts for direction and position

Pan / tilts are designed for high-precision positioning of optical or other equipment in azimuth and elevation. EVPÚ Defence manufactures several basic variants that further divide into subgroups according to their respective performance parameters and the way sensors are installed. All types of offered P/T use TCP/IP protocol or RS422 (for some P/T optionally RS485) for communication, have an n x 360° azimuth ability and 24VDC operating voltage.

Depending on preferred variant the maximum bearing capacity is up to 2kg x 25kg on the sides and 70kg on the top, azimuth velocity from 0.03° to 120°, elevation velocity from 0.03° to 100°, angle reading accuracy from ±0,1 to 2,5 mrad, elevation / depression range ±45° and operating temperature interval from -32° to 70°C. All types of P/T offered comply with the requirements of under EN61000, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461.

Day cameras and night IR cameras

Cameras are designed for short, middle and long surveillance applications during the day or night. The cameras with their accessories are placed in a sealed ruggedised environmental housing to protect optical and electronical parts and they are remote-controlled via a serial line. The housing includes a protective front sun roof.

Depending on preference the cameras may be equipped with various digital and optical zoom, internal heating system and the functions as autofocus, image stabilisation, backlight compensation, advanced white balance, progressive scan, SMART lens control technology, Auto ICR, wide dynamic range, enhanced noise reduction, 2D / 3D noise reduction, de-fog, motion detection, colour pallets, video enhancement, freeze image and OSD.

Electro-mechanical lifting mechanism

Electro-mechanical lifting mechanism is developed especially for surveillance electro-optical systems. It is stable and has a lightweight solution that determines various type of vehicle installation with the possibility of emergency-manual control. Other features are payload up 100kg, wide operating temperature range of -32°C to 55°C, variable height of up to 3m according to the requirements, binary logic control via control board, easy maintenance, anodized aluminium alloy finish and self-locking mechanism.