Gylling delivers tailor-made solutions and high-end battle-ready portable power systems for military applications and government forces on land, air and at sea.

We specialise in the field of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and multi-chargers. Our product line consists of standard batteries for communications and weapons systems, improvements for battery packs currently available on the market, as well as entirely new designs of proprietary batteries and chargers.

Based in Norway, Gylling has been delivering quality since 1912 and producing equipment for the Nordic defence sector since 1982.

Tailor-made batteries and chargers for military applications

Gylling’s engineers develop and manufacture plastic tools, mould housings and fit batteries best suited to the application. For the optimal solution, our experts examine the application, along with the temperature, power consumption, storage and shape.

We listen carefully to our customers and work closely with them to understand their individual needs, with the aim of exceeding their expectations and developing long-term partnerships.

Durable batteries for the defence industry

Our engineers have developed a power trolley with a simple plug-in system that supports both 12V and 24V start assistance. It has a standard Nato connector to ensure a quick boost start, while the width of just 42cm makes it easy to access vehicles in garages. The Optima batteries can provide a 1,000amps cranking current (CA) at 0°C.

We offer a portable battery for launching the Hellfire missile. The battery comes in two sizes depending on the number of missiles to be launched, while the container has a rugged design and can be carried either by the handle or a shoulder strap.

Battery chargers to meet EMC specifications

We supply battery chargers in compliance with EMC specifications.

Our 14.8V Li-lon battery charger features:

  • Wide input voltage range (10VDC–32VDC), (90AC–264VAC)
  • EMC specifications according to military requirements
  • Charging from vehicle or grid
  • Starting from 0V
  • Can easily be modified with other voltages

We offer a RA 112 2x 12V maintenance charger for the long-time storage of military vehicles. The low current, low charge voltage maintains the battery without electrolyte loss. The charger has two separate 13.5V outputs so that each battery can be charged individually to avoid imbalance and sulphating.

The UniCharger C92 automatically recognises the battery charge profile, regardless of type or chemistry. Simply connect to a source between 9VDC and 59VDC and the charger will ensure your battery is correctly charged. This together with its light weight and small size, makes the UniCharger a perfect choice for all field operations.

  • Compact and highly portable charger
  • EMC specifications according to military requirements
  • Robust design for mobile equipment
  • Can charge virtually all batteries from 3.6V-59V, maximum 200W
  • Designed to meet MILG491 specifications

Tailor-made battery packs for military applications

We deliver tailor-made products for Norwegian special forces, intelligence agencies, and police forces. This can include wearables, discretely designed and outfitted Pelicases, or made-to-measure suitcases with power batteries and chargers to power equipment.

We make sure we understand the specific use and choose the best suited off-the-shelf products to produce solutions that you can depend on.

  • Special forces
  • Secret Service
  • Discreet and concealed
  • Powering surveillance equipment in vehicles