UVision designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munitions systems for military customers worldwide. These customisable solutions meet the requirements for combat operations in complex, dynamic environments, and include advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions, and C2 stations fully integrated with communication links.

Tactical and operational loitering munitions for defence applications

UVision’s Hero systems comprise miniature tactical to larger operational loitering munitions for air, land and naval platforms. A unique cruciform configuration enables high-manoeuvrability, which maintains ‘eyes-on target’ and accurate hitting capabilities in constrained battle scenarios.

The unique line of loitering munitions systems can be utilised for both strategic and tactical targets thanks to advanced deployment, target acquisition and attack capabilities. Offering independent, non-level-of-service (LOS) precision, Hero’s rapid reaction time in response to time-sensitive targets provides it with a critical advantage in populated areas. The systems combat human targets, moving light-duty vehicles, tanks, and other strategic objectives with minimal collateral damage.

Tactical precision attack systems for personnel or light vehicles

Offering independent, non-LOS precision, Hero’s short-range lethal loitering systems are ideal for applications by even the smallest operating units on the front lines in urban populated areas. The lightweight and man-portable tactical systems feature quick-reaction capabilities for time-sensitive targets and combat uncertainties.

UVision delivers unmanned aerial loitering munitions systems for worldwide military customers.
UVision's Hero-30 is the lightest of the Hero range of smart loitering systems at 3kg.

The 3kg portable Hero-30 is the smallest system in the UVision family of smart loitering systems. Deployable within minutes, it can loiter 30 minutes and is ideal for anti-personnel missions. With a pneumatic launch, low-noise and low-thermal signature, Hero-30 in an invisible, surprise attacker providing a major asset to defence forces.

The Hero-70 smart loitering system is extremely lightweight at only 7kg and has an LOS datalink range of 40km. Ideal for light vehicle targets, it can ensure 45 minutes of flight time while carrying a warhead of more than 1kg.

The Hero-120 is the largest of the short-range systems and ideal for anti-tank missions or other tactical objectives. It carries a 4.5 kg warhead and has an extended flight time of 60 minutes.

Operational systems for long-range precision loitering munitions

Hero’s operational systems of long-range lethal loitering systems offer flexible mission profiles, long endurance and excellent EO capabilities.

With the ability to independently close the sensor-to-shooter loop, and rapid reaction time in response to time-sensitive targets, the systems effectively reduce collateral damage; a critical advantage in populated areas.

Launched via canister or rail launcher, the Hero-250 is an effective solution against operational targets. It offers three hours of flight time and a 150km LOS range when reliable long-range pinpoint strikes are required.

The Hero-400EC is an innovative all-electric precision electro-optical / infra-red (EO/IR) guided, man-in-the-loop loitering munition system that can locate, track and strike static and moving targets with a high level of accuracy. The Hero-400EC offers a two-hour flight time and a 150km LOS range and has proven effective against a wide variety of targets ranging from armoured vehicles through main battle tanks to fortified enemy positions.

Strategic systems for defence-based multipurpose missions

For strategic operations that require significant munitions, Hero’s accurate lethal loitering systems are ideal for multipurpose missions.

Suitable for deployment from air, land and sea, Hero’s strategic systems all feature high-speed transit flight, low-speed loitering, advanced C4I capabilities, and effective payload capabilities; a key advantage to the fighting force.

The Hero-900 is capable of carrying a 20kg warhead and enduring seven hours of flight time. With an extremely long range of 250km, it is highly effective on the modern battlefield.

As the largest UAV in UVision’s fleet of strategic systems, the Hero-1250 carries an extremely lethal 30kg warhead. With long-range flight capabilities of 200km, it acts as a significant weapon in military strategy.

Hero simulator system for high-quality environment and mission simulations

The Hero Simulator System is a state-of-the-art payload and loitering weapon simulator (LWS) that enables operators to train on the Hero loitering munition (LM) family in a virtual reality environment.

The system provides a high-quality environment and mission simulation, as well as instructional capabilities, allowing users of all levels to train in a wide range of operational scenarios while avoiding the costs, risks and constraints inherent to actual flights.

Designed to provide the utmost in realistic mission training, UVision’s training system combines innovative technologies and software that presents an authentic, independent and easily deployable arena environment.

The Hero Integrated Simulator is based on proprietary software running on the Hero Operator Control Unit (OCU), including 3D training databases, computer-generated forces and objects. It utilises real flight and wind tunnel data, as well as the actual LM autopilot and video tracking in its control hardware, ensuring the most realistic environment possible. The Windows-based simulator is fully compliant and completely integrated with the authentic autopilot flight control system.

When combined with live flight training using the parachute configuration of the Hero-30ISR Training System, the integrated simulator enables efficient loitering system training for a broad spectrum of missions, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as preparing and rehearsing for operational missions in simulated enemy territory.

About UVision

UVision is built on 30 years of extensive field experience by a professional management and engineering team from both military and aeronautic backgrounds. The company’s superior loitering solutions incorporate end-to-end components and sub-systems, including control, communications, armaments and launch mechanisms, to deliver a turnkey solution.

UVision is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for research and development, production, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services, aviation quality composite material production and UAV flight services.