UVision designs and manufactures innovative tactical systems, specially made for unique flight qualities, navigation systems and advanced airborne guidance. The company’s HERO products range from miniature tactical to larger operational loitering munitions for air, land and naval platforms.

HERO-70 is smart loitering system that has a LOS datalink range of 40km. The system is perfect for light vehicle targets, weighing just 7kg and ensuring at least 45 minutes of flight time while carrying a warhead of more than 1kg.

The largest of the short-range systems, HERO-120, is ideal for anti-tank missions or other strategic objectives. It carries a 3.5kg warhead and can endure an extended flight time of 60 minutes.

The man-pack portable HERO-30 is the smallest system in the UVision family of smart loitering systems. Deployable within minutes, the HERO-30 is capable of speeds of up to 100 knots and is a suitable choice for anti-personnel missions.