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Rugged Thermal Cameras

Sint-Jorisstraat 83D,
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Sint-Jorisstraat 83D,
B-8730 Other,

FTA was founded in 1997 and has successfully been providing camera systems to support a wide range of applications ever since. Initially used for naval applications, our IP69 cameras and accessories found new applications as vandal-proof surveillance cameras, bullet-resistant units for police forces or as thermal observation systems for border protection and emergency services.

Ruggedized camera systems

FTA has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art ruggedized camera systems for both the civilian and military markets for over the past twelve years and have developed an extensive knowledge in both design and manufacturing techniques during this time.

Many thousands of cameras have been sold around the world. As a specialist camera manufacturer, the company strives to maintain its leadership by its vigilant awareness of the advancement in the technology of optronics, ensuring ideal solutions for tactical requirements, particularly for use in the field of harsh environments. With development, manufacturing and sales based in Belgium, as well as having distributors worldwide, FTA has built up an extensive network to help their customers.

Our comprehensive range of rugged thermal cameras includes the Mantis thermal camera and the CAMBRAIN4/8 vehicle-mounted camera.

Dual-vision rugged thermal camera system

FTAs Mantis is a compact, dual vision, easy-to-use rugged camera which can capture thermal view as well as CCTV image.

The thermal engine is based on a miniature high-performance 384×288 pixels VOx or ASi microbolometer detector. The engine features powerful proprietary algorithms, fully tested and proven to be effective in poor visibility conditions. It provides analog (CCIR or RS170) and digital LVDS or USB2 video outputs. It is tuned to longwave infrared with sensitivity of less than 0,050°C when using an f/1.0 lens.

The CCTV image is the result of a 1/3in colour HR CCD camera with 480 lines resolution.

The combination of a 25mm lens on the thermal camera and a 12mm lens on the CCD camera makes it look like you are switching from an IR to a normal view with the same camera. All this, combined in a solid stainless-steel housing with only one connector, makes the Mantis the ultimate camera for every observation unit.

The Mantis’ key thermal features include:

  • Powerful proprietary algorithms proven in poor conditions
  • Anti-blooming mechanism
  • Electronic zoom, 2x and 4x
  • Engine control
  • FOV control via communication
  • High-resolution graphics overlay
  • User-defined region of interest
  • On-screen menu
  • Miniaturised shutter
  • Snap shots

Vehicle-mounted video storage and transmission unit

The CAMBRAIN4/8 is designed to be mounted on vehicles as a provide mobile video broadcasting and recording unit. The mobile DVR turns every vehicle into a professional mobile surveillance unit capable of broadcasting real-time video over cellular, Wifi or WIMAX networks, as well as recording DVD-quality footage for later review or download. The unit is supplied with two professional DVR software applications which allow for remote operation. The mobile DVR comes with a dedicated server program and a free client application for any PC-based device.

The ECT VM offers public transportation an advanced and cost-effective solution for in-vehicle cameras, providing live and clear video streams both to the control center and for the driver.

Due to advanced technology which is embedded into this product, the unit can use regular cellular data networks for transmitting crystal-clear live video stream.

Key features include:

  • Four or eight channel video inputs with full frame rate
  • Four or eight channel audio inputs
  • Four serial ports and three USB ports
  • XP-embedded operating system
  • Triplex compressor
  • Advanced H.264 compression
  • Onboard Intel Atom
  • Fanless design within sealed construction
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Wide range of power options
  • Intelligent power up and shut down controller

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