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Mobile Shelter Systems

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ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH (ZMS) of Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of shelter systems in the world. The company is a direct successor of the famous ZEPPELIN airship construction and still today, the company’s philosophy is expressed by the slogan "rooms in motion".

ZMS was one of the first manufacturers of lightweight containers in an aluminium-sandwich-structure and meanwhile their systems are in use in more than 40 countries all over the world. They have been delivered to a large number of international companies and governmental organizations as well as to non-governmental relief and first-aid organizations.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a registered trademark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH.

The product range of ZMS is divided into the following business fields:

ACE II communication shelter with air conditioning and NBC protection.
Communication shelter mounted on a Unimog carrier, HF-screened and air-transportable.
Containerized part of modular field hospital of the United Nations for mobile applications.
3:1 shelter, easily expandable within a couple of minutes only, suitable for multipurpose applications.
Inside view of 3:1 expandable shelter, completely equipped as operating theatre.


Communication cabins are one of the basic products in the shelter portfolio of ZMS. They have been sold more than 10,000 times, either as stand-alone units or vehicle-mounted. They have been delivered to various national and international armed forces in all common sizes such as ACE I, II and III, NATO I + II as well as in the ISO formats as 10ft, 15ft or 20ft shelter.

The communication cabins of ZMS are available in an unshielded version as well as HF-screened in which configuration the shelters meet the NATO specification no. 6516.

Another product group in this category is the range of telecommunication shelters (e.g. network stations), which can be delivered as complete turn-key solutions upon customers’ request.


Medical applications have become one of the most important links in the product chain of ZMS. Whether as single medical units or as complete mobile field hospitals up to 200 beds, ZMS offers a wide range of medical appliances. Leading shelter technology combined with advanced engineering know-how in system integration allows the realization of ambitious turn-key solutions of large medical projects.

From compact 10ft shelters for emergency and disaster management to large modular hospital arrangements on basis of extendable 20ft shelters, the product range of ZMS covers all medical requirements. Through cooperation with well-known suppliers of medical equipment the company corresponds to every medical demand of their clients.

In addition hereto, ZMS also offers ambulance vehicles for military as well as for civilian purposes. The custom-made box body structures are suitable for every carrier vehicle whatsoever, for on-road as well as for off-road purposes.


Zeppelin Mobile Facility is an answer to the utmost different military and civilian requirements with regards to all kinds of facility systems. Due to the modular and multi-functional character of the company’s products, ZMS offers solutions to nearly all demands for functional plants or camps, including the necessary infrastructure and system integration to guarantee a smooth and proper working facility.

Whether as stand-alone units, e.g. as peripheral logistic support to existing facilities, or as complex facility arrangements (contagion station, decontamination system, mobile slaughterhouse etc.), the variety of facility solutions provided by ZMS is unlimited.


This business field has been established to develop product solutions in cooperation with partner companies, either according to detailed customer specifications or with own custom-made developments. Due to the long-time experience in shelter technology, ZMS is able to provide solutions to the most ambitious and challenging requirements. By means of this business field, developments of ZMS have been integrated into products of well-known companies and suppliers of military equipment, such as EADS for instance.

The permanent efforts of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH to correspond to new military requirements (e.g. ballistic or NBC protection) has made the company a reliable and trustworthy partner for many armed forces all over the world.

White Papers

  • Medical Shelter Systems

    The Zeppelin Mission Mobility began with the rise of the dirigibles or steerable airships more than 100 years ago.

  • Communication Shelter Systems

    Committed to tradition and to the region, a competence centre for one of the leading manufacturers of mobile systems is located near the old Zeppelin airship facility.

Press Releases

  • Zeppelin Boosts Production of HF-Shielded Expandable Shelter

    Zeppelin recently received several orders for their high-frequency shielded double side expandable 3:1 Shelter. The Shelter reaches an attenuation level of min. 45dB between a frequency range of 100 kHz and 1 GHz which is a unique shielding level for lightweight expandable Shelters. It is intende

  • Zeppelin Delivers Kitchen and Decontamination Shelters

    Zeppelin has recently delivered three Mobile Kitchen and four Decontamination Shelters to their long-term partner company Kaercher Futuretech. The kitchen modules will be supplied to the German Armed Forces while the four decontamination units will be equally distributed to the Omani and Hungaria

  • Zeppelin supplies Singapore Armed Forces with Command Posts

    Zeppelin has delivered the first of an initial four units of a Command Post series for the Singapore Air Force. The unit was supplied to Singapore company ST Electronics, a leading organization in the integration of military electronic systems. The double-side expandable Command Post ha

  • Zeppelin receives Shelter contracts from UAE

    Zeppelin will again participate at this year’s IDEX Show in Abu Dhabi together with their local partner company, the Bin Jabr Group (Hall 12, Stand No. A10). The two companies have recently received Shelter contracts from the UAE in two different projects called Zagil and Yahsat. The Za

  • Zeppelin hands over first shelters of mobile hospital to Portuguese Army

    A delegation of the Portuguese Army has visited the Zeppelin factory in Friedrichshafen, Germany to receive the first two Shelters of their mobile hospital. The Operating Room and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in 3:1 double-side expandable Shelters have been designed according to the latest and m

  • Zeppelin supplies Command Post System for Spanish Disaster Management

    The Spanish Disaster Management Organization UME (‘Unidad Militar de Emergencias’) which is part of the Spanish Army has been handed over another Command Post System to be used in case of catastrophes. The system is completed with electronic equipment by the Zeppelin cooperation partner Siemens S

  • Zeppelin delivers first shelters of Spanish field hospital

    Zeppelin has delivered the first eight of a total of 30 Shelters for the field hospital of the Spanish Armed Forces. Among the eight shelters supplied was an ultrasound, emergency laboratory, a microbiology lab, a guard module and four connecting shelters. Ten expandable shelters (three operating

  • Zeppelin Presents Wide Range of Products at Eurosatory Military Show

    Zeppelin has been present at the Eurosatory Show, the largest international military exhibition, which took place in Paris on June 16-20. Zeppelin showed a large range of their diversified military products which had been displayed on the stands of different companies. In addition to th

  • High-Quality Shelter Systems Can Save Lives

    Interview with Alexander Lutz, Head of Sales at Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH, published in Medical Corps International, Volume 3.2007, published in September 2007. ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH of Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of shelter systems in the world. The com

  • Zeppelin Gets Large Order from Kaercher for New Decontamination System

    Zeppelin has been awarded a contract for 70 shelter systems for a new decontamination vehicle called TEP 90 that has been developed by Kaercher Futuretech for the German Armed Forces. Each shelter system consists of three shelters of different sizes and for different purposes (see pictures). The

  • Zeppelin Shows Large Display at IDEX Show

    Zeppelin has participated in this year's IDEX Show in Abu Dhabi on February 18-22, one of the biggest military exhibitions in the world. Zeppelin had their display on the booth of their local partner, the Bin Jabr Group. Two double-side expandable shelters were shown, one equipped as a

  • Zeppelin presents HF-shielded 3:1 shelter

    The latest Zeppelin product is an HF-shielded double-side expandable ISO 20ft shelter in a lightweight aluminium-sandwich structure. The shielded 3:1 shelter combines the characteristics of a high-quality HF-shielded communication cabin with the broad space of an expandable shelter which can be u

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