Starburst defence engineering and design

Starburst Engineering is a specialist in the turnkey design and fabrication of firearms training facilities throughout South East Asia and the Middle East. Our core competencies include the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems for firearms shooting ranges and tactical training mock-ups for law enforcement, military and security agencies.

Headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in the Middle East, Starburst Engineering has been contributing to the improvement in the training capacities of the law enforcement, military and security agencies where we operate since 1999.

With our dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Singapore, we are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in all our projects and continually provide a safe environment for law enforcement, military and security agencies to deliver firearms training.

Our areas of expertise include:

Starburst provides completed commercial ship mock-up for maritime counter-terrorist training.
Environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycle shredded rubber, SEARLS™ is a non-conductive shredded rubber tiles / blocks and pavers with excellent cushioning, thermal insulation and acoustic / vibration dampening properties. Starburst SEARLS™ anti-ricochet lining is structurally resilient with extra shock absorption and excellent wear.
An indoor live shooting range training facilities feature the latest anti-ricochet technology used by Starburst SEARLS™ materials.
An aircraft training mock-up is under fabrication at Starburst Singapore factory.
Starburst provides Modular Live Shooting Ranges tailored to your particular and specific training requirements.
Starburst staff is providing maintenance work at one of our completed training facilities.
  • Training facility conceptual development and design
  • Anti-ricochet lining products
  • Ballistic fit-out, including:
           – Firearm shooting ranges (indoor and outdoor)
            – Close quarters battle (CQB) training facilities
            – Method-of-entry facilities
  • Tactical training mock-ups (aircraft, ship, bus, sniper tower and others)
  • Modular shooting range facilities
  • Range maintenance
  • Fire simulation and evacuation mock-ups
  • Security and detention facilities

Starburst is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified in company activities, ensuring the correct delivery of products and projects on time, every time.

Starburst has progressively developed capability initially as specialist contractor to third party integrators and recently as a prime specialist contractor direct to end users and building contractors. Starburst listed on the Catalist Exchange (a part of the Singapore Stock Exchange) in mid-July 2014 and continues to grow.

Training facility conceptual development and design

Starburst has a proven track record as a range design specialist for training facilities involving multi-disciplined and often complex turnkey requirements. Through our team of range designers, project managers and engineers, we work closely with the end-user to carefully review training needs in order to design and conceptualise effective training facilities.

Our dedicated team can provide advice on ballistic fit out solutions, specifications, budget pricing and technical matters to support the end-user in developing a project concept.

Starburst Engineering Anti Ricochet Lining System (SEARLS™)

The strength of Starburst is founded on our proprietary line of anti-ricochet ballistic protection materials (SEARLS™) designed by Starburst, manufactured to exacting standards and have been independently tested for compliance with international range safety regulations.

Starburst offer shredded rubber panels, composite panels, ballistic panels and shot absorbing concrete solutions as part of the SEARLS product portfolio.

Ballistic fit-out

Starburst understands that modern firearms-training facilities are complex and that that our clients have sophisticated demands. Starburst has the knowledge in the design and delivery of effective anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems for the firearms-training facilities to demanding specifications and training requirements through our extensive experience in the field.

At Starburst, we pride ourself to offer a custom solution that fits the client’s requirement. Starburst doesn’t just engineer ranges; we can improve or upgrade your existing range with one of many suites of ballistic fit-outs solutions.

Tactical training mock-ups

Starburst designs, fabricates and installs tactical training mock-ups such as aircraft, trains and ships to suit various training scenarios. Our mock-ups are custom manufactured to meet the requirements of the end user such as specific layouts, sizes and equipment specifications.

Modular shooting range facilities

Our Modular Live Shooting Ranges come in prefabricated modular configurations. Each modular live-firing range is a fully functional live-firing range up to 50m contained in a bulletproof module, which can include individual firing booths, target retrieval systems, bullet traps, lighting and HVAC systems to suit end-users requirements.

The number of firing lanes at such training facilities can be further customised through the addition or removal of modules at a later stage.

Shooting range maintenance

Starburst also offers comprehensive service and maintenance programmes to our customers for completed firearm shooting ranges and tactical training mock-ups. We believe that it is critical that the facilities are monitored continually to ensure that they are kept in optimal condition.