RS Dynamics develops portable and handheld devices for the accurate detection of explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials.

The company also creates cutting-edge technologies in earth science and innovative medical diagnostics methods.

Mobile trace detectors for locating explosives

RS Dynamics’ handheld miniEXPLONIX device has been specially developed to detect explosives and is among the most accurate, fastest and sensitive mobile explosive trace detectors in the world. The device’s unique ‘one button’ handling design means that it can be operated without the need for special training.

Our portable EXPLONIX unit is suitable for both the detection and identification of explosives and radioactive materials. EXPLONIX provides considerable sensitivity and operational robustness and can be used in the most challenging of environmental conditions without limitations or risk of contamination.

RS Dynamics’ mobile miniEXPLONIX unit can detect a wide range of explosives.
Our miniSPECTRE device is capable of detecting and accurately identifying contraband.
The miniSPECTRE can detect illegal substances through non-transparent packing.
RS Dynamics’ EXPLONIX is used to detect and identify explosives and radioactive materials.
The EXPLONIX has been specially developed to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.
The ECOPROBE is used to map the underground contamination cloud.
RS Dynamics has been supplying the defence industry for more than 30 years.

These market-leading products were developed for field use, incorporating RS Dynamics’ own advanced patented IRSSIL technologies. The solutions are currently used by army, police, airforce, and national security sectors, among others.

Portable Raman spectrometer for fast and accurate detection of Explosives, Narcotics, Pharmaceutical Products, Chemical warfare & Hazardous materials

RS Dynamics has introduced the most advanced version of portable Raman spectrometer for the precise identification of various substances, including narcotics, hazardous materials, and harmful chemicals.

miniSPECTRE benefits from high sensitivity, identification accuracy and detection capability, enabling it to reliably identify contraband even through non-transparent packing.

Our advanced Raman spectrometer can also detect new, user-defined substances and thousands of verified spectral components.

Environmental contamination mapping systems

RS Dynamics features an earth sciences division, which aims to support ecological and industrial applications such as soil and ground water sources contamination surveys.

Our ECOPROBE system provides fast and reliable mapping of the underground contamination cloud and its dynamic migration. It can also be used as a network of automatically operating monitoring stations in soil and underground water, providing data on the move and / or migration of the subsurface contamination.

About RS Dynamics

RS Dynamics is a Swiss company with more than 30 years’ experience of developing new technologies for the defence industry.

Our industry-leading products are manufactured to the highest quality military standards. Instruments are designed to be long-lasting and come with a high level of after-sales service and customer support.

Customers can be assured of support in any scenario through the advanced testing capabilities of our products.