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Ground Support Solutions for Military Aircraft

B GSE Group (BGSE) has been a leading innovation supply and solution company for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force for F 35 integration efforts.

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B GSE Group (BGSE) has been a leading innovation supply and solution company for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force for F 35 integration efforts.

BGSE’s three main products include B-POWER® 400HZ, 28VDC and 270VDC units for aircraft, CoolJet® military and commercial PC Air units and EZ Access service pits. These products have been supplied to more than 120 customers worldwide.

Ground support solutions for the military sector

BGSE provides 400HZ, 28VDC and 270VDC power units both Point of Use and Central Systems, PC Air units from 15-ton to 150-Ton and service POP UP and Hatch style pits for military air bases.

We also supply hoses, cables, receptacles, hard ducting, hoists, pantographs, PSP Stands, and power and manual reels. We also install, service, commission, train and carry out maintenance on the equipment we supply.

An airman in Luke AFB (BGSE-designed Army Corp project), standing in front of our service PIT, which has 480V, 270V, 120V and PC Air service in one POP-UP EZ Access PIT.
A POP-UP pit.
An 180KVA 400HZ dual-output military power unit.
The F 35 being hooked from our PIY at Luke AFB.
The CoolJet air units at MCAS Beaufort.
Remote for 270VDC power unit.
BGSE power units.
Service pit lid.

We regularly provide turnkey systems to military installations such as hangars for all helicopter, fighter jet, support aircraft, bombers and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Projects involving aircraft such as the B2B Bomber, F-22 Raptor, MV-22 Osprey and Apache have made BGSE an integrated supplier of turn-key design, supply, commission and services.

Custom-designed military aircraft hangars

BGSE designed two aircraft systems for LUKE Air Force Base (AFB), selected the material and trenches, and also acted as a consultant for mechanical and electrical contractors.

We provided a second-generation PC Air unit for the F 35, made the first integrated electrical and mechanical EZ Access hydraulic pop-up pits and supplied 270VDC power units.

We also helped to develop a special 480V airman safety system and integrated this system into the pits as well.

Power-generation units for air force bases

BGSE is experienced in integrating F 35 270VDC Power, 400HZ legacy Power, the F 35 specialised third-generation PC Air units and EZ Access service pits at US AFBs.

At the Kadena AFB, we introduced the third-generation PC Air unit called CoolJet®. This is a smaller, high-performance F 35 air unit that meets and exceeds the latest Lockheed Martin specification for all hangar and ramp applications. This new design gradually reduced in size and power draw while increasing performance, simultaneously having the BGSE’s ‘BLAST COOL’ design ready programming built in.

The A-10 NELLIS and SQ2 LUKE AFB hangars were the first to have 270VDC F35 power combined with 400HZ legacy power combined into one unit for BGSE. A technology previously used in US Navy and Marine hangars, we began supplying these for the US Army Corp designs in 2013.

This allows the smooth transition between the militaries’ F-18, F-16 and AV-8 aircraft for the new F-35 Lightning II aircraft to seamlessly utilize the hangars without needing to supplement the equipment installed.

BGSE’s third-generation air units and 480V smart power are also convertible to support the different modern and legacy fighter aircraft squadrons.

About BGSE

BGSE has worked with all US branches and most Nato counties concerning the implementations of ground support equipment for the F 35.

From single to 16-bay hangars, expansive ramps for all maintenance activities to launch-ready requirements, we are a leading supplier of power and air solutions concerning the F 35.

BGSE is headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, US, with offices in California and West Virginia, as well as foreign support locations worldwide.

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