NICOMATIC is a 30-year old company with a worldwide presence. We are the inventor of the CMM micro-connector system developed for the defence, aerospace and transportation markets. As a specialist in the electronics field, we manufacture passive components for electronic on-board systems.

Our CMM interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions. Features include:

  • Board-to-board, board-to-wire and wire-to-wire connections
  • High density – saves up to 50% space and weight over conventional connectors or Sub-D
  • One, two or three rows from two to 120 contacts
  • Harsh environment usage
  • Mixed layout option: high frequency (up to 6GHz), high power (up to 20A), and low frequency contacts (3A) in one connector
  • MIL-C-55302 and BS-9525-F0033
  • RoHS and whiskers-free
  • Rack and locked interconnection

In addition, we also supply PCB connectors, connectors for flexible circuits and flex-cable jumpers of our own production as well as connector cable assemblies and custom solutions according to your specification.


The CMM micro-connectors are designed to meet or exceed the relevant electrical and environmental performances described in MIL and BS standards.

CMM220 series micro-connector with mixed-layout.
CMM220 series micro-connector with cover.
CMM320 series micro-connector with low frequency contacts, up to 120.
CMM340 series micro-connector with high power or high frequency.
CMM100/200 series micro-connectors.

Our product range is divided into the following standardized series of connectors:

Low frequency:

  • CMM100 : one row, 02 to 25 ways, low frequency 3A and fixing by latch
  • CMM200 : two rows, 04 to 50 ways, low frequency 3A and fixing by latch
  • CMM220 : two rows, 04 to 60 ways, low frequency 3A and fixing by screw
  • CMM320 : three rows, 006 to 120 ways, low frequency 3A and fixing by screw


  • CMM220 : two rows, min. Low frequency 2 contacts + max. number of high power (up to 20A) or high frequency contacts (6GHz) = 15 & fixing by screw
  • CMM320 : three rows, min. low frequency 6 contacts + max. number of high power (up to 20A) or high frequency (6GHz) = 20 & fixing by screw
  • CMM340 : three rows, min. low frequency 6 contacts + max high power (up to 10A) or high frequency (1,5GHz ) = 64 & fixing by screw


NICOMATIC is certified ISO 9001:2000 and our quality management system is applicable to any type of development, manufacturing, assembly and delivery of systems, components and connections.

Our know-how as a connector specialist and ISO 9001:2000 certified company allows us to reply to any project in applications including:

  • Electrical connectors design
  • Harnessing service
  • Micro-screw machining
  • Stamping
  • Assembly
  • Engineering

NICOMATIC has been involved in a large number of custom-designed connector assemblies over the last few years and has a proven track-record in avionics, military, space & transportation applications.


The CMM microconnector has been developed for the aerospace, avionics, instrumentation and control, defence, and transportation markets, with applications that include IFES, HUDs, flight controls, FADEC units, radars, missiles, electro-optical sighting systems, satellites, mobile radios, power supplies and engine controls:

  • Civil aircraft
  • Fighters
  • Radar systems
  • Helicopters
  • Missiles
  • Armoured vehicles and main battle tanks
  • Weapon systems
  • Satellites


Our harsh environment interconnectors’ excellent mechanical and climatic features include:

  • Built-in screwjacks for high vibrations
  • High temperatures withstanding
  • Resistance to solvents, radiations, abrupt altitude changes and oxygen free
  • Peak reflow compatible 260°C


NICOMATIC designs and manufactures interconnect solutions for the electronics market. We have seen steady growth for the last decade achieving a consolidated turnover of €15.4 million in 2007. The company employs 140 people – 85 in the French head-office and main plant and 55 throughout its 3 subsidiaries in USA, Brazil and China. The company has established a network of distribution partners worldwide and sells across 40 countries, representing about 80% of its total revenues.