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Multipurpose Protected Military Vehicles

Achleitner has built a strong international reputation for protected vehicles. Our expertise is highly regarded among the defence and security industry for military, security or special operations.

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AchleitnerAchleitner has built a strong international reputation for protected vehicles. Our expertise is highly regarded among the defence and security industry for military, security or special operations.

Maintaining a full in-house R&D centre, Achleitner has developed many innovative products for specialised requirements, including the protected Survivor 4×4 family and Mantra 4×4 troop carrier.

Achleitner also chose to diversify its offer into security vehicles, developing interior protection solutions for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (VR7 and VR9 protection) and Mercedes Sprinter. Thanks to our high flexibility and fast decision-making process, we can adapt to any project submitted to us.


Achleitner developed a family of protected vehicles specifically designed for the use of military and special police forces. Adopted by active police special forces in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the Survivor line offers user protection and mobility.

PMV SURVIVOR II: protected mission vehicle with modular protection kit and highest protection against ballistic threats, mines and IED.
HMV SURVIVOR I: high mobility vehicle with high protection to meet nowadays and future police, military and paramilitary forces requirements.
RCV SURVIVOR: reconnaissance and command vehicle with up to 8t (GVW), permanent four wheel drive and a lot more.
MANTRA 4x4 (troop carrier): high mobility multipurpose light tactical vehicle
MANTRA 4x4 (e.g. troop carrier, command or communication vehicle, carrier platform, ambulance): tire inflation system
MMV SURVIVOR: militarized mission vehicle for special purpose as a ideal platform for various mission kits and systems integration
Achleitner GESON: rugged, high mobility militarized vehicle as a ideal platform for various mission kits and systems integration.
ASV SURVIVOR: armored security vehicle to meet present and future police and VIP forces requirements.
Achleitner Land Cruiser 200: the special protection vehicle for civil application according to VPAM standards.
Achleitner Shield: interior protected vehicle that offers a secure, versatile and discreet mean of protected transport.

The Achleitner Survivor line is composed of four vehicles:

HMV Survivor I

  • GVW up to 12.5t
  • Permanent 4 WD and full automatic transmission
  • Protection up to STANAG Level 2 (ballistic + mine) + IED

The High-Mobility Vehicle is especially adapted for the use of special police forces, anti-riot or counter-terrorism units. Its size, weight and power are perfectly adapted for a protected mobile solution for MOI forces.

PMV Survivor II

  • GVW up to 18t
  • Modular add-on protection concept to ease upgrading
  • Protection up to STANAG Level 3 (ballistic) and Level 4 (mine) + IED

The Protected Mission Vehicle is a powerful and secure military-grade vehicle. Its size and performances allow for the widest range of vehicle configurations, including troop transporter, ambulance, communication and surveillance.


  • GVW up to 8t
  • Permanent four wheel drive
  • Protection up to STANAG Level 1 (ballistic) and Level 1 (mine) + IED

The Reconnaissance and Command Vehicle is an all-terrain high-mobility modular armoured vehicle specially adapted for supervision and command on the field.


  • GVW = 5t
  • Protection up to VPAM 9 (ballistic) and 2x DM51 (mine)

The Achleitner Security Vehicle is specifically designed for VIP transport, valuables transfer or police forces transport. It is based on a Land Cruiser 200 with exterior protection that we have adapted.


Achleitner developed two militarised vehicles for missions not requiring ballistic or mine protection: GESON and MMV, which are both rugged cross-country 4WD vehicles.

GESON 4×4:

  • GVW: 3.5t
  • Troop capacity: 2+6 / 5+4

The GESON 4×4 is a pick-up adaptable in various configurations (single or double cabin, van type, cargo body, shelter body or even chassis). It has proven its efficiency as a border patrol vehicle for armies and police forces in Europe, especially in hard mountain conditions. It is also adaptable as a communication / liaison vehicle or troop transporter due to its high-volume capacity.

MMV 4×4:

  • GVW: 3.5t
  • Troop capacity: Five

The MMV 4×4 is a rugged 4×4 vehicle adapted to any hostile environment. At ease in snow, mud, sand, rocks, it can overtake any conditions with agility. It is an ideal platform for various mission kits and system integrations.


The MANTRA 4×4 is a logistical tactical vehicle built to provide outstanding mobility and performance. The MANTRA 4×4 uses state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the highest level of safety, reliability and quality. Achleitner has designed a vehicle with permanent 4WD technology and a variety of platform bodies for adverse conditions.

The MANTRA 4×4 is available in a range of sizes and configurations such as:

  • Troop carrier: available with tailor-made bodies on a double or single-cab chassis or as a bus with a seating arrangement for up to 21 people, in miscellaneous versions and equipment
  • Command or communication vehicle: available with tailor-made bodies on different cab versions or as a van with communication, radio-table and navigational unit, featuring an external power supply
  • Carrier platform: platform with sliding canvas, with a palletised load system (PLS) loading capacity handling system and a universal platform for fast and simple handling
  • Ambulance: as a van or box body with up to four extractable latches and various medical equipment


In-house developed security vehicle Achleitner Land Cruiser 200 has proved its adaptability to all terrains over the past 20 years. With only 5.4t capacity, it provides a great protection-to-weight ratio thanks to its modular design.

The vehicle is certified according to the current VPAM guidelines against ballistics and explosives in-class BRV-2009-ERV-2010 VR7 and VR9. Its appearance is substantially unchanged from the OEM production model by using an internal protection solution, allowing missions for security agencies without attracting attention.

The Achleitner Land Cruiser 200 is available in different versions along with various supplementary equipment, including fuel tank protection, run flat systems and an intercom system.


Available as a passenger carrier, in cargo, pick up and ambulance configuration, the Achleitner Shield offers a secure, versatile and discreet means of protected transport.

Many useful features and equipment are available for this fully developed protected vehicle. In the past ten years, it became a popular low-profile vehicle for special police forces around the world.


Due to our extensive experience and various developments over recent years, Achleitner is able to offer a rolling chassis for many different purposes and users.

Three types are available:

Type I: GVW = 4.5t – 6t Payload: up to 3,500kg Power: 205 PS
Type II: GVW = 8.5t – 12t Payload: up to 7,500kg Power: 245 – 285 PS
Type III: GVW = 10.5t – 16.5t Payload: up to 10,000kg Power: 350 – 420 PS


Achleitner’s expertise in vehicle protection concepts has been developed since the early 1980s.

To develop protected vehicles, it is essential that wide-ranging tests are carried out to ensure maximum security. Therefore, our dedicated in-house department can conduct material and ballistic tests, enabling results to be obtained quickly and flexibly.


First-hand training services and spare-part availability represent Achleitner’s ability to keep a long-lasting relationship with its customers.

Our customers’ dedicated interlocutors are permanently available to reply to requests.

White Papers

  • Achleitner Shield

    Available as a passenger carrier, in cargo, pick up and ambulance configuration, the Achleitner Shield offers a secure, versatile and discreet means of protected transport.

  • Vehicle Manufacturing

    Achleitner was founded in 1932 and has developed from a skilled blacksmith's shop to a commercial middle-sized company. It is still a family business today.

Press Releases


  • BTR-3DA 8x8 APC

    The BTR-3DA, which is used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is based on the BTR-80 8×8 armoured personnel carrier (APC).

  • Karrar Main Battle Tank

    The Karrar (Striker in English) main battle tank (MBT) is an indigenous combat vehicle developed in-house by Iran's Defense Industries Organisation (DIO).

Products & services

  • Rolling Chassis

    Due to long-time experiences with various developments, Achleitner is able to offer different types of 'Rolling Chassis' for customised purposes.

  • GESON 4x4

    The GESON 4x4 is a rugged, high-mobility, militarised and special-purpose-modified 4WD vehicle with a GVW of up to 3.5t and a troop capacity of up to 2+6 people.

  • Mantra/Carrier 4x4

    The Mantra and Carrier 4x4 vehicles offer outstanding off-road capabilities, mobility and high performance for military applications.

  • MMV Survivor

    The MMV SURVIVOR (Militarised Mission Vehicle) is a rugged, high-mobility, militarised and special-purpose modified 4WD vehicle.

  • Speedfighter 55/100

    The Speedfighter 55 and 100 are rugged, rapid intervention vehicles developed for rugged and extreme terrains and intense climate zones.

  • Cabin Protect

    The armoured truck cabin 'PROTECT' can be offered on standard vehicles. Based on the combination of an original truck cabin with all configuration and equipment such as dashboard, seats, high-quality protection steel, as well as - on customers request - premium interior lining and covers, it is possible to provide a inconspicuous protected vehicle, which can hide his 'true face' on second glance.

  • PMV Survivor II

    The PMV SURVIVOR II (Protected Mission Vehicle) is built with a cabin designed as a monocoque cell to provide the highest protection against ballistic threats, mines and IED. Based on a series truck chassis with a gross vehicle weight of up to 17t.

  • Achleitner Shield

    The Achleitner Shield is a customised armoured vehicle in a class of its own. Tested by internationally recognised institutes, the varied configurations make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • Protected Land Cruiser 200

    No matter what the assignment, no matter where you are in the world, the Achleitner Land Cruiser 200 offers the ultimate in protection.

  • HMV Survivor I

    The HMV SURVIVOR I (High Mobility Vehicle) is an all-terrain operational vehicle with high protection against ballistic threats, mines and IED.

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