The armoured truck cabin ‘PROTECT’ can be offered on standard vehicles. Based on the combination of an original truck cabin with all configuration and equipment such as dashboard, seats, high-quality protection steel, as well as – on customers request – premium interior lining and covers, it is possible to provide a inconspicuous protected vehicle, which can hide his ‘true face’ on second glance.

Ideally for use in rescue or peacekeeping missions or for money and valuable transport, cabin ‘PROTECT’ combines a civilian look with highest protection. Available in protection class B6 according to DIN EN or Level 1 according to STANAG 4569.

For the optimised configuration of your vehicle many different options can be selected:

  • Run flat system
  • Protection of batteries and fuel tank
  • Box bodies – protected or unprotected
  • Ambulance bodies
  • Radio integration
  • Intercom systems
  • Search lights and special signalling system
  • and many more…

Additional protection classes, along with mission-specific equipment, are available upon request and can be offered in consultation.