Evans Capacitor EVANSCAPS - Advanced Capacitors for Demanding Applications

Evans Capacitor develops and manufactures EVANSCAPS, high-power density capacitors for demanding defence and aerospace applications.

EVANSCAPS unique chemistry and construction provides the highest available energy density for power interruption back up for avionics or subsystems.

The low ESR, high-power density also provides high-current pulse power for LASER drivers or phased array radars. EVANSCAPS provide high-current pulse capability, with unlimited cycle life, low inductance, and very low ESR. EVANSCAPS are specified where size, weight, and reliability are major considerations.

EVANSCAPS save space, weight and power (SWAP) over other capacitor technologies and are available in a wide range of styles and ratings to provide precise match to required performance characteristics. Operating at 10V to 125V with a temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, EVANSCAPS provide reliable power in many mission critical systems.

EVANSCAPS – energy-dense capacitors for defence

EVANSCAPS are available in a very wide range of voltage and capacitance ratings to provide optimal performance characteristics for the application, while utilising the minimum of weight and volume. Hundreds of ratings are available on DLA (DSCC) specification drawings.

In all conditions, from undersea high pressure, to the vacuum of space, hermetic, tantalum case, EVANSCAPS provide the reliability and ruggedness to perform where other capacitors cannot. In the air, or on the ground, EVANSCAPS provide the power, where and when you need it.

EVANSCAPS – high-current pulse capacitors, maximum power

Both hand-held and airborne LASERS now rely on pulsed, solid state diodes. These devices require high-currents and bulk capacitance to drive the high-power pulses.

EVANSCAPS are uniquely designed to provide high-currents, with high efficiency, minimising voltage droop for LASER drivers. They provide unlimited cycle life, and great performance at -40°C. EVANSCAPS are completely hermetic, with no out gassing to upset high-performance optics.

EVANSCAPS – high-power capacitors in a small package!

EVANSCAPS are energy dense! Today’s avionics and aircraft systems require high energy density and high-power capacitors to provide power interruption backup. EVANSCAPS provide five to ten times the volumetric energy density of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, coupled with high-current capability and instantaneous power.

Tantalum encased and hermetic, EVANSCAPS give lifetime reliability to critical systems, with space and weight savings to achieve demanding design goals.

EVANSCAPS – unlimited cycle life, maximum power

Phased Array Radar requires high-power capacitors to deliver pulses in T/R modules. EVANSCAPS provide both high-current and bulk capacitance to deliver higher power pulses.

EVANSCAPS have ultra low ESR, especially in the TDD series, to power aggressive duty cycles, but with greatly reduced cooling requirements. With TDD series EVANSCAPS, discharge voltage can be increased, currents raised and pulse width, or frequency improved for maximum efficiency.

EVANSCAPS are environmentally rugged and hermetic. EVANSCAPS demonstrate more than 5M hrs MTBF in the most aggressive phased array system.

EVANSCAPS – high-power capacitors for GaN T/R modules

GaN RF T/R modules can provide advantages in power density. EVANSCAPS can expand that advantage by providing the highest power density capacitors to drive the pulse. With energy density up to two joules per cc in the desired voltage range, EVANSCAPS can reduce volume requirements by 80% over aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Legacy systems can benefit by replacing older technology T/R modules with new higher power GaN T/R modules, providing much higher power in the same, or smaller space.

EVANSCAPS – quality and reliability

EVANSCAPS are proudly manufactured in the USA. Evans Capacitor is ITAR registered and AS9100 certified. EVANSCAPS have demonstrated field reliability with more than a decade of service in many applications.

Providing a key role in the Arrowhead, M-TADS / PNVS, system for the Apache, EVANSCAPS have powered more than one million hours of service in the system. This represents more than 30 million capacitor hours without a field failure in Apache.

EVANSCAPS – power when you need it!

EVANSCAPS are ready to perform in your application. Please fill out the form below for technical assistance or a quote. Our experience and wide range of capacitor products can help make your design a success.

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Press Release

Evans Capacitor Awarded Contract to Supply DC Storage Capacitors for Art Airborne Radar

Evans Capacitor Company, the 2018 SBA National Subcontractor of the year, has received $7 million in follow on orders from Northrop Grumman to produce high power capacitors.

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Evans Capacitor Company, the 2018 SBA National Subcontractor of the year, has received $7 million in follow on orders from Northrop Grumman to produce high power capacitors.

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