Photonfocus is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of high-speed cameras and high-dynamic range cameras. We take pride in providing our customers with state-of-the-art digital camera technology for use in demanding applications, such as mounted in or attached to ground-based army vehicles and installations, aircrafts and unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAV).

Photonfocus provides cameras that meet MIL-810 and MIL-461 standards and undergo a series of assessments by accredited test laboratories to ensure high-quality standards. There are models with standard image sensors or high-dynamic range image sensors with the patented LinLog© technology from Photonfocus.

High-speed digital cameras for military and defence

The Photonfocus military camera series is designed to meet MIL-810 standards and is built to the challenges of military and defence applications. The MIL cameras deliver stunning high frame rates not seen before through a standard Gigabit Ethernet link due to a sophisticated data-reduction algorithm.

Monochrome, colour and NIR resolutions in camera models

The resolution of the MIL cameras is 2MP and 4MP. Monochrome, colour and NIR-enhanced models are available. The camera housing is compact and rugged, while a standard MIL connector ensures a safe and reliable connection.

The MIL-810 tested high-speed streaming camera meets GigE Vision standard. Monochrome, colour and NIR models available.
All Photonfocus cameras are also sold without housing.
Top: linear exposure mode; bottom: high-dynamic range image using Photonfocus LinLog© technology.
Photonfocus rugged machine vision camera with CameraLink interface.

Digital camera for high-speed image data recording

Photonfocus military digital cameras provide superb specifications for mounting inside aircrafts or other military vehicles. The cameras comply with GigE Vision standards and can record in standard speed ranges as well as in high-speed camera mode. The cameras are designed to stream the image data to third-party Ethernet recorders or to computers.

Customised cameras

If a standard camera does not completely satisfy your requirements then a customised camera solution is the perfect fit for your application. Our vast experience in the design of digital high-speed cameras and image sensors makes Photonfocus a reliable partner to build your customised vision solution. All cameras are also sold without housing.

High-dynamic range cameras

The D1024 and D1312 camera series use an image sensor designed by Photonfocus that has a large full-well capacity and a high dynamic range of a maximum of 120dB. These high-speed cameras are optimal for situations with very bright light, e.g. intense sunlight. The high signal to noise ratio (SNR) is required if fine image details must be detected.

Rugged machine vision cameras

Photonfocus offers a wide range of cameras or rugged machine vision cameras for demanding industrial applications. Different models are available with Gigabit Ethernet and CameraLink interfaces and with a maximum resolution of 4MP. Further camera models are available for 3D laser triangulation, high-dynamic range applications and enhanced sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR). The SM2 smart cameras include a digital signal processor (DSP).

About Photonfocus

Photonfocus was founded in 2001 as a spin-off company from CSEM, the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology. It is located in Lachen, on the shore of Lake Zurich. Photonfocus has a vast experience in the design of digital high-speed cameras and image sensors. The company’s robust and reliable products are targeted to industrial, automotive and military applications.