Ryan Electronics is a full-service distributor of electrical wire and cable, wire management accessories, cable assembly solutions, and value-added services for the military and defence markets.

Mil-Spec wire and custom cable for the military and defence industries

Ryan Electronics is a military standard (Mil-Spec) wire and cable specialist that provides superior quality products, technical expertise, and customised assistance.

The firm offers thousands of military specified items and supplies countless others through its supplier partners. Ryan Electronics’ commitment to high-quality performance has made it a trusted supplier partner to the military and aerospace industries.

Military applications for ground, air and submarines

Ryan Electronics carries a full line of wire and cable specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of military and defence specifications and applications, including ground, air, shipboard and submarine.

Ryan Electronics' M27500 cables are intended for use in the aerospace and industrial industry for commercial and military applications. The M27500 specification allows for a wide variety of construction choices.
The firm offers custom cable assemblies for mlitary, aerospace, commercial and industrial applications.
Ryan Electronics stocks a wide selection of high-quality MIL-W-22759 wire. Its M22759 wires meet requirements for small dimensions, high-temperature resistance, low-weight and low-flame propagation.
Custom cable design and manufacturing capabilities is offered by the firm. This allows if to meet the needs of virtually any electrical wire and cable application.
Ryan Electronics offers many accessories, including heat shrink products, braid, sleeving, lacing tapes, and connectors.

The company stocks a wide range of Mil-Spec hook-up wire in various conductors, sizes, and styles. M16878 and M22759 are two of the firm’s most popular specifications.

Ryan Electronics also offers many custom Mil-Spec cable constructions from the M27500 and M55021 specifications, and stocks a variety of Qualified Products Lists (QPL) approved MIL-C-17 coax cables.

High-performance cables for the aerospace, communications, and electronics industries

Ryan Electronics’ high-performance aerospace wire and cable meets requirements for high-temperature resistance, small dimensions, low-weight, and low-flame propagation.

The firm carries a wide range of M22759 wire and specialises in high-performance aerospace cables, such as the M27500 specification.

In addition, Ryan Electronics supplies control cables for antennae and satellites, wiring for emergency communications systems, computer systems cables, and many other applications where multi conductor communication cable is required.

The firm also provides solutions for the electronics industry. It offers a wide range of UL and CSA approved hook-up wire for electronic applications such as internal wiring for appliances, control cabinets, panels, meters, machine tools and industrial controls.

Ryan Electronics specialises in wire that is resistant to extreme temperature, chemical exposure, abrasion and dielectric stresses.

Customised cables for versatility

The company’s extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities meet the needs of virtually any electrical wire and cable application; from 500,000ft of single conductor hook-up wire to 500ft of 100-pair thermocouple cable.

The firm caters to its client’s specifications and can make the application in whatever colour, stranding, insulating, and jacketing materials or put-ups that is required.

Braiding, kitting, and inventory management services

In addition to traditional spooling, printing, dyeing, striping, cut and strip, and twisting of wire, Ryan Electronics offers braiding, etching, kitting and inventory management options. It also provides custom assembly and termination solutions.

The firm’s cable assembly capabilities include lead wire termination, jacketed cable assemblies, coax assemblies, ribbon cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, interconnect, wire harnesses, and power, including moulded and mechanical, as well as potting.

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