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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

Scalable and Modular Technology for Critical Ground Capabilities

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is a business unit of the Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems Group headquartered in Charlotte, NC (USA).

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza 200,
VA 20147 United States of America

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza 200,
VA 20147 United States of America

Curtiss-wright defence solutions

In ground, air and naval defence applications, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, is an industry leader providing highly rugged and reliable critical systems and components.

With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, it is uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding electronics and systems challenges.

Rugged, secure data recording and storage systems

Rugged, secure data storage systems from Curtiss-Wright provide guaranteed solutions for the retrieval, archiving and processing of digital video and intelligence in real time, along with mission data to support ground force operations.

The network attached storage systems are compact, transportable and eligible for applications requiring critical data sharing within adverse ground mobile environments. These storage systems are ruggedised for severe shock and vibration within combat vehicle applications, such as extreme temperatures between -40° to 71°C. The systems supply affordable, high-capacity, high-performance network, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 qualified attached storage.

Electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare (EW) consists of spoofing or jamming an adversary’s electronic communications or electronic sensing, commonly by detecting communications at specific frequency then jamming it, or detecting an incoming radar signal and giving a simulated return signal response to indicate a false location.

The main requirement for designers’ building this system is high-performance, embedded computing, which is able to detect, identify and respond to signals within the short time intervals that characterise the electronic battlefield.

Curtiss-Wright offers solutions for EW such as innovative Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), Analog-to-Digital converters (ADCs), and Digital-to-Analog converters (DACs). They also supply large banks of Digital RF Memory (DRFM) for radar spoofing and other Electronic Countermeasures (ECM).

Fire control for military weapon use

The fire control computer is at the forefront of many military weapons, and gathers data from a range of sources including radar, various sensors, inertial systems and occasionally human input.

Curtiss-Wright deliver fire control processors for a variety of ground vehicles, and for minimal latency, the entire specific Interoperability (I/O) necessary for a specific vehicles sensor suite and vehicle information bus are directly integrated to the processor.

Image and data display processing for rugged military vehicles

The products supplying image processing are as diverse as the required applications, from differing Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for image acquisition or image processing, high-performance Intel processors to general purpose graphics processors (GPGPs).

Image processors can require considerable processing power that has proven challenging to deploy within rugged military vehicle environments.

There is a continual need to display data to our military vehicle drivers in an efficient way, and as the display resolution increases, so does the ability to display even more data on a clear single screen. This could include vehicle, targeting and guidance information or external camera imaging.

We continually supply high-quality solutions for display processing needs within the industry, such as the latest processor technology features, a vast I/O capability range and graphics outputs to drive up to four high-definition displays in a single card.

Rugged computer systems for vehicle management

Curtiss-Wright extends its COTS technology processors and interfaces portfolio to supply rugged computer systems that support vehicle management functions. We are a developer and deployer of surveillance, heath, payload and mission management, as well as networking and data encryption solutions for ground platforms.

Our vehicle management systems are Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions delivered within several weeks, or specific customer-developed customised solutions.

Curtiss-Wright continually invests in developing new and upgraded solutions that simplify vehicle management, for example, the DBH-672 Digital Beachhead GbE Switch and Vehicle Processor.

Turret control for armoured land vehicle use

Deployed troops rely on their armament’s precision and reliability for self-protection. Modern-day turrets are usually mounted on an armoured land vehicle, which proves most useful when traversing adverse, rugged terrain. Accurately locating a target and stabilising the shot whilst moving out of the line of site potentially makes all the difference.

The Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) has been developed from more than 60 years worth of industry experience and is based on a modular equipment system approach. It fits with a variety of applications including weapon stations and main battle tanks, with up to 20t turrets.

Typically, a TDSS is made up of integrated software, hand controllers, single and dual axis gyroscopes, a motor controller and linear and rotary drives. Depending on the turret’s size and weight, the system can be scaled up or paired down in order to match the performance and precision requirements.

Networking solutions and mission processing for ground vehicle platforms

Reliable IP networking solutions, such as rugged network routers and Ethernet switches are essential for mobile networks on-board ground vehicle platforms in order to connect tactical sensors and mission systems at the network edge.

Curtiss-Wright’s rugged Ethernet subsystems and card solutions enable manned and unmanned systems to deploy digital network architectures securely and in a cost-effective manner. These have become fundamental for the delivery of secure data, video and voice services to mobile networks within challenging environments.

Our networking solutions are optimised for the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) civil and military platform constraints, as well as used across a range of platforms for connecting on-board devices in highly secure, manageable IP networks.

Ground vehicles continually have growing payload options to allow for changeable mission requirements, including cameras, communications and weapons.

Curtiss-Wright’s mission management computers provide interface to an array of functions through expandable and modular components, enabling the systems to be easily modified.

Mission management computers offer an interface opportunity for legacy data buses including state-of-the-art processing, networking capability, graphics input and output and 1553.

Data Recording and Storage

Curtiss-Wright rugged, secure data storage systems offer a proven solution for retrieving, archiving and processing mission data, digital video and intelligence in real time to support ground force operations.

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare (EW) involves jamming or spoofing an adversary's electronic sensing or electronic communications.

Fire Control

The fire control computer sits at the core of many of our military's weapons. This computer takes in data from numerous sources such as radar, inertial systems, various sensors and sometimes human input.

Image and Display Processing

Image processing is a technology containing a wide range of applications, which could be target tracking by object recognition from a high-definition camera on a surveillance vehicle.

Mission Processing

As technology advances, ground vehicles have constantly growing payload options to accommodate ever changing mission needs, including cameras, communications or weapons.


Mobile networks on-board ground vehicle platforms require reliable IP networking solutions, including rugged network routers and Ethernet switches, to connect tactical mission systems and sensors at the network edge.

Turret Control

The self-protection of deployed troops depends on the precision and reliability of their armament. Weapons accuracy and reliability are crucial factors for combat success.

Vehicle Management

Curtiss-Wright leverages its portfolio of COTS technology processors and interfaces to provide rugged computer systems that support vehicle management functions.

Five Ways to Simplify Turret Aiming and Stabilisation

Get the highest degree of motion control and stability available on the market for battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and remote weapon stations from the drive technology division of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions.

Stryker Armoured Combat Vehicle Family

Stryker is based on the GDLS Canada LAV III 8×8 light armoured vehicle, in service since early 2001. The LAV III is itself a version of the Piranha III built by Mowag of Switzerland.

Wind River and Curtiss-Wright Collaborate on Cybersecurity Protections for Defense Systems

Wind River, a leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge, is collaborating with Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions to offer integrated cybersecurity and anti-tamper protections for aerospace and defense systems. This collaboration better enables customers of both companies to meet stringent security and performance requirements needed for mission-critical applications.

Curtiss-Wright Selected by KAI to Provide Complete Data Acquisition System Solution for New 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of flight test instrumentation (FTI) system solutions, today announced that it was awarded a contract by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to provide a complete data acquisition system (DAS) for use in flight-test campaigns for the new 5th generation Korean Fighter eXperimental (KF-X) multirole fighter aircraft.

Curtiss-Wright Selected to Provide Rugged Data Storage Solution to US Navy

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of rugged data storage solutions, today announced that it was awarded a contract by the Naval Surface Warfare Center to provide its Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) technology for use in a planned future upgrade for the navy's fleet of Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines.

Curtiss-Wright Solution Boosts Real-time Warfighter Communications

Curtiss-Wright's Defence Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of Tactical Data Link (TDL) software and hardware solutions has announced that its Tactical Communications Group (TCG) business has introduced a new intelligent TDL translation gateway for Link 16, Variable Message Format (VMF), Cursor-On-Target (CoT), Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP), Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL), and Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) called HUNTR (TDL Hub and Network Translator).

Curtiss-Wright Selected to Provide Video Management Technology

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division has announced that it has been awarded a contract by Kappa Optronics to provide its video management system (VMS) technology to support the Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE) system used on the Norwegian Army’s WiSENT 2 armoured recovery vehicle.

Curtiss-Wright to Showcase Ground Vehicle Solutions at GVSETS 2019

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division will showcase its industry-leading range of open systems architecture solutions for ground vehicles at booth 214 at the 2019 NDIA Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium, held on August 13-15.

TCG’s 16th Annual Users Group Hosts Largest Attendance

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of Tactical Data Link (TDL) software and hardware solutions, has announced that its Tactical Communications Group (TCG) business experienced record attendance at its 16th annual TCG Users Group and Training Seminar (TUG), held June 11-13, 2019 in Burlington, Mass.

Curtiss-Wright Receives Contract with Royal Canadian Navy

Curtiss-Wright’s EMS Division has announced that it has received an option award to its existing Seaspan Shipyards (Seaspan) contract for the manufacture of its Aircraft Ship Integrated Securing & Traversing (ASIST) System, and related track components and spares, to support the Canadian Joint Support Ship (JSS) programme.

Curtiss-Wright Receives Contract to Support Canadian Navy

Curtiss-Wright’s EMS Division today announced that it has received an option award to its existing Seaspan Shipyards (Seaspan) contract for the manufacture of its Aircraft Ship Integrated Securing & Traversing (ASIST) System, and related Track components and Spares, to support the Canadian Joint Support Ship (JSS) program. The multi-million dollar option award covers the supply of equipment for the first ship.

Curtiss-Wright Presents Latest Industry Solutions at CANSEC 2019

Curtiss-Wright, a trusted leading supplier of rugged systems for aerospace and defense applications, today announced that it will showcase its latest vetronics, avionics, and naval platform products at the CANSEC 2019 conference at the EY Centre in Ottawa, Ontario from 29-30 May 2019 at booth 1903.

GA-ASI Honours Curtiss-Wright as a Supplier of the Year

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of rugged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded processing technology, has announced that it received a Supplier of the Year Award from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

Curtiss-Wright Proudly Sponsors the Amgen Tour of California 2019

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of rugged systems for aerospace and defense, has announced that it is the proud sponsor of the Santa Clarita-to-Pasadena leg of the Amgen Tour of California 2019, which took place on 18 May.

Curtiss-Wright to Demonstrate Avionics Modules at IDEF 2019

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of rugged safety-certifiable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) avionics, today announced that it will demonstrate its DO-254 safety-certifiable VPX3-152 single board computer (SBC) and VPX3-719 graphics and video capture 3U OpenVPX™ rugged COTS modules running the DO-178C safety-certifiable Wind River® VxWorks 653, an ARINC 653 compliant multi-partition real-time operating system (RTOS), at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF).

Curtiss-Wright Introduces New Rugged Network Attached Storage Solution

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division has announced its new Unattended Network Storage (UNS) system, a rugged network attached storage (NAS) solution that provides Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) encryption to protect critical data-at-rest (DAR) on unmanned deployed platforms.

Curtiss-Wright Showcases at AUSA 2018

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division announced that it will be displaying its latest commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based embedded electronics solutions at the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, 8-10 October, at booth 1607.

Curtiss-Wright Recognised by Investors in People With Silver Award

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that its Avionics business unit, based in Christchurch, Dorset, UK, has been awarded Silver accreditation by the UK’s Investors in People Standard, demonstrating the company’s commitment to high performance through good people management.

Curtiss-Wright Introduces First Rugged Single-Card 2-Port mPCIe GbE NIC

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today introduced an innovative SWaP-optimised solution for adding dual Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interfaces to its Parvus DuraCOR and DuraWORX mission computers in order to support in-platform local area network (LAN) connectivity.

Curtiss-Wright to Take VPX Performance to New Heights

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division recently announced that it will support the breakthrough 'Gen 5' VPX (VITA 46) data rates on its next generation of rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded modules and systems.

Curtiss-Wright Launches Total LifeCycle Management™ Initiative

Streamlined lifecycle services offering simplifies access to industry-leading counterfeit mitigation tools, improved configuration control and DMS management, dedicated team of experts and 24/7 access to online Total LifeCycle Management platform.

Curtiss-Wright Debuts Industry’s First COTS Data Storage System to Support 2-Layer Encryption for Protecting Classified Data-at-Rest

Curtiss-Wright's Defense Solutions division has announced the embedded industry's first commercial off the shelf (COTS) data-at-rest (DAR) storage solution to support Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) 2-Layer Encryption, an NSA approved approach for protecting classified National Security Systems (NSS) information in aerospace and defence applications using cost-effective commercial encryption technologies in a layered solution.

New Upgradable Turret Aiming and Stabilisation Drive System from Curtiss-Wright Delivers Unprecedented Flexibility

Curtiss-Wright Corporation today announced that its Defense Solutions division will introduce an innovative, upgradeable, turret aiming and stabilisation drive system designed to deliver scalable functionality and power adaptability to ground vehicle designers and turret manufacturers, at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition, DSEI 2015 (Stand S9-231).

Curtiss-Wright Selected by Raytheon Company to Provide Electro-Mechanical Drive for M60 and Challenger 1 Upgrades

Curtiss-Wright's defence solutions division today announced that its drive technology business unit, a leading supplier of rugged, high-reliability, modular electro-mechanical aiming and stabilisation solutions, located in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, has teamed with Raytheon Company to provide its cost-effective upgrade solution for modernising the turret drive and stabilisation system on M60 and Challenger 1 main battle tanks (MBT).

Electronic Systems

Curtiss-Wright is a technological leader in providing COTS products and open architecture solutions for mission computing, signal processing, graphics, communication fabrics, system and sensing I/O and chassis products.

Cots Boards

Curtiss-Wright's open architecture Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) based rugged embedded computing solutions process data in real time to support mission-critical functions.

Turret Aiming and Stabilisation Drive System

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology is part of the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Division, and has been a global leader in the development and manufacturing of electromechanical systems used in the industrial and defence industries for more than 60 years, providing both industries with comprehensive solutions for all customer requirements, as well as cost-effective options through the use of standard products.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

20130 Lakeview Center Plaza 200


VA 20147

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